Are ‘Southern Charm’s Thomas Ravenel & Kathryn Dennis Still Together? Ugh, Sounds Like It

On the most recent episode of Southern Charm, Kathryn found out she wasn't pregnant with Thomas' baby and they celebrated with margaritas. This would normally be appropriate for two people in a relationship who both aren't ready to have a child, but was oddly too celebratory because Thomas was very excited seemingly only for himself not and relieved at all on behalf of Kathryn. This strange budding relationship has fans asking, are Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis still together? It looks like there's a good chance they are.

Of course, this was proved using only the best investigation techniques: Google, Facebook, and Twitter. According to, "Sources that have direct contact with the couple’s Facebook pages note that they each list they are in a relationship with the other." The problem with this is that these Facebook pages are private and the sources are anonymous.

Another clue that the couple is together comes from their Twitter accounts. Kathryn often retweets messages from fans including one which reads, "@kathryn_dennis you're seriously my favorite girl on the show! Love that you and Thomas are together." It's like the old saying goes, What thou retweeth is thine own truth. There are also a ton of retweets which including the hashtag #TomKat. Um... that's for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. I can't believe she went there.

Thomas' Twitter, on the other hand, is harder to use for clues because he responds to a TON of fans and usually gives short answers. But there is this telling exchange:

What we're left with here are two options. Either Kathryn and Thomas are together but aren't being that straightforward about it because Southern Charm is still going on or they aren't together but they have no problem saying suggestive things that drum up interest in the show.

On Monday's new episode, the Thomas and Kathryn drama continues when they show up to a white tie party together. Regardless of whether or not they're together now, they obviously like stirring up rumors together whether it's on TV or on Twitter. And is that not the foundation of a lasting relationship?

Image: Bravo