'Southern Charm': Kathryn Dennis Learns She Isn't Pregnant, & She and Thomas Ravenel Drink To the News

Well, well, well. We’re only at episode four of Southern Charm , and we’ve already been smacked in the face with a pregnancy scare and learned the results. This show is TRUCKIN' along, full speed ahead. Monday night’s ep was great and all, but let’s get right to the meat and potatoes of the evening. The big reveal. The moment we’ve been waiting for for an entire week: Is Thomas Ravenel Kathryn Dennis's baby daddy ? Or is Shep Rose the B.D.? Or is there no B.D. to be had because the pregnancy scare is nothing more than a scare? Or is the show a dream within a dream within a dream? Oh, this show isn't Inception? We can rule that question out? Cool.

Last week, Kathryn told T-Rav she might be with child. Hm. If she was pregnant, when would the baby be due IRL? Well, would you look at that! The newest ep was filmed right before a holiday. A holiday with a date. Hooray for timelines! Hooray for calendars! Monday night, the cast prepped for/picked outfits for Carolina Day, which is on June 28. June to March is nine months, right? I counted on my fingers, I think it’s nine. So that means if she was pregnant back then, she’d probably have the baby by now. HMMM.

Enough timelinin' and speculatin'! Let's get to the gosh darn answer already, shall we? This week, Kathryn took a home pregnancy test. The results were inconclusive. Rather than try another home test, Kathryn and T-Rav paid a doctor a visit. And the doctor told them...

...Kathryn is not pregnant. There you have it, folks. As of ep 4, there is no bun in Kathryn's oven. And so it is.

Oh! Guess what else happened? In the wake of the preggo scare, Kathryn and Thomas kicked up their relationship a notch. They could be gettin' SERIOUS. Which isn't a crazy twist because, like, there have been many e-hints. Even so, it's an, um, interesting development.

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And my personal favorite tweet of the night came from none other than Sydney Leathers. (Yes, that Sydney Leathers):

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