What’s In Kylie Cosmetics’ Holiday Bundles? They're Full Of Limited Edition Products — PHOTOS

Monday brought the release of the Kylie Cosmetics holiday edition, and true Kylie Jenner fans were ready to hit "buy" when the new collection hit her website. But one addition to the collection caught my eye — the Kylie Cosmetics holiday bundles. That's right, Jenner bundled different limited edition products from the collection into two bundles completely separate from the insane Holiday Box (which contains all the products from the release).

The cosmetics company is releasing two bundles separate from the Holiday Box: the Merry Bundle and the Vixen Bundle. The bundles contain the Dancer Metal lipstick, one holiday lip kit, one holiday gloss, the holiday mini mattes, one creme shadow, the Kyshadow holiday palette and the holiday edition makeup bag. The Merry Bundle has the Merry lip kit, Naughty gloss and Yellow Gold creme shadow, while the Vixen bundle contains the Vixen lip kit, Jolly gloss and Camo creme shadow.

Both retail for $180, which is significantly less than the $290 and $325 price points for the larger bundles in the collection. If you're looking to purchase several items from the collection, this might me the best way for you to get what you want and save a little money.

Merry Bundle, $180, kyliecosmetics.com

Isn't this one gorge? Here's the items you get that are different from the Vixen Bundle.

Merry Lip Kit, $30, kyliecosmetics.com

The Merry Bundle obviously includes the Merry lip kit.

Naughty gloss, $15, kyliecosmetics.com

The Naughty gloss, a bright cherry red, is also included.

Yellow Gold creme shadow, $20, kyliecosmetics.com

The final extra addition to the bundle is the Yellow Gold creme shadow, which would pair perfectly with the other items from the collection.

The Vixen Bundle, $180, kyliecosmetics.com

The Vixen Bundle includes the same items from the Merry Bundle, with a few differences.

Vixen lip kit, $30, kyliecosmetics.com

It has the Vixen lip kit included, obviously.

Jolly gloss, $15, kyliecosmetics.com

Also included is the Jolly gloss, a rich, deep red.

Camo creme shadow, $20, kyliecosmetics.com

Finally, the Vixen Bundle has the olive camo shadow, which is perfect for holiday smokey eyes.

If you're not looking to drop almost $300 on the Kylie Cosmetics holiday edition, these bundles are a great alternative. And the best part? They're not sold out yet.

Images: Courtesy of Kylie Cosmetics