Here's The Deal With The Kylie Cosmetics Keychain

The holidays just got a little more merry and bright thanks to Kylie Cosmetics' Holiday Collection. It's filled with tons of new products and exclusive lip shades, but there's one small detail that you might have missed — the keychain. The little puff ball with the Kylie Cosmetic's logo attached to it is getting some attention on social media and for a good reason. Can you buy the Kylie Cosmetic's Keychain separately? Unfortunately it's the one thing from the collection that Kylie Jenner hasn't addressed yet.

When word first came out about the the brand's holiday collection, people freaked out. It's filled with new Lip Kit shades, eyeliner colors, and even a return of the minis lipsticks. The keychain, which was first shown in Jenner's Snapchats, caught people's eyes as well. The fuzzy puff ball with the brand's dripping lips logo was seen clipped on the stocking, but so far Jenner hasn't mentioned it specifically. As of now, it's unclear if the Kylie Cosmetics Keychain will come with the free stocking gift or be sold on its own.

The price of the accessory wasn't shown when the company uploaded their photo listing the prices of the entire collection. It hasn't been shown in any of the other social media photos either. That makes me think that it might be a part of the free gift or maybe even a sneak peek of something to come in the future.

Fingers crossed Jenner shares the info soon, because I'm dying to know. It would likely be the most affordable item in the holiday line.

While the rest of the makeup collection is seriously stunning, that hasn't stopped people from wondering about the keychain. So far the company has yet to reply to anyone's social media questions on the accessory, but that hasn't stopped them from asking.

Too stinkin' cute.

It's the little things in life.

Come on, Kylie. Fill us in!

Pretty pretty please.

The question's still up in the air.

Fingers crossed she gives the details soon. If not, I guess everyone will find out on Nov. 21, when the collection is available for purchase.

Images: TrendMooD/Twitter (1)