Are The "I’m With Lorelai" & "I'm With Rory" T-Shirts Sold Out? You Need These 'Gilmore' Tops For Your Marathon Session

You’ve likely had Nov. 25 circled on your calendar for months now, and not because that’s when Black Friday sales begin. Oh, no — it’s because that’s when the new Gilmore Girls episodes will premiere on Netflix. And if you’re super excited about the date for that very reason, then you need to know the answer to one very important question. Is the “I’m With Lorelai” t-shirt sold out? UPDATE: Fashionista reports that Rachel Antonoff will have a pre-order for the restock available on the website on Nov. 22.

EARLIER: Mae Whitman was first seen wearing the shirt at the premiere for Gilmore Girls in Los Angeles. There’s also an “I’m With Rory” version, and according to Whitman’s Twitter, they can both be found at the Rachel Antonoff website. As you can imagine, however, these tees are extremely popular and at the time of publication both options were sold out.

There’s no official information about whether these t-shirts will be restocked, but Bustle has reached out to the brand for more information. You’re definitely going to want to be able to wear these for all of your Netflixing, and Antonoff will hopefully make it happen! There is a “notify me when available” option on the website, so be sure to fill in your personal information to have a notification go straight to your inbox. Since you can sign up to be notified, I’m assuming these shirts will make a comeback, and all I can say is — you better have your wallet ready if and when they’re on the site again. The Gilmore Girls craze is real, and you’re going to want to get in on the action!

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She killed it when she hit the carpet in this number.

Thankfully, there's a way for the rest of us to get her look.

Because who says watching hours of Netflix can't be glamorous?

I'm With Lorelai, $45, Rachel Antonoff

Copy her outfit as soon as this is up for grabs again.

I'm With Rory Tee, $45, Rachel Antonoff

If you're with Rory, instead, don't worry, there's shirt for you, too.

Add your email to the waitlist. The sooner you get your hands on this shirt, the better.

Images: Courtesy Rachel Antonoff (2)