All Of Kirk's Jobs In The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival Show He's Still A Man Of Many Talents (And Much Indecision)

Stars Hollow is full of characters, to say the least, but Kirk Gleason is probably the character-iest of all of them. From playing Tevye in the school production of Fiddler On The Roof to crashing Taylor’s Thunderbird into Luke’s diner, Kirk is just consistently in the middle of things. Kirk also had, like, a thousand jobs during Gilmore Girls' original run (that’s barely hyperbole), and in Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life, Kirk is keeping up with this trend. Mild Netflix series SPOILERS ahead. All the jobs Kirk has in the Gilmore Girls revival show that — even ten years later — it’s hard to keep up with him.

Kirk’s life has been pretty coddled. He lives with his mother, and he lives in the sheltered town of Stars Hollow. There are not many changes in the small hamlet, so Kirk has to invent his own fun, and, sometimes, he goes overboard. Like when he decides he may want to run an inn someday and crashes Lorelai’s staff meeting at the Dragonfly Inn. Or when he can’t decide what to eat because he’s torn between what his girlfriend and his mother may think — bagel or pancakes? Or when he thinks about selling real estate and maintains an office out of a house filled with bats. Kirk is just testing the waters, you know? One would think that he’s nearly middle-aged and should probably have an idea by now of what he wants to do, but Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life shows Kirk job-hopping once again. He still has Lulu and a new teacup pig as a pet, but decisive in careers he is not. At least he slowed down a little bit in the Gilmore Girls revival!

OOO-Ber Driver


Not to be confused with the very, very similar-sounding ridesharing app, Kirk started a taxi service called OOO-Ber to give people rides around town and the surrounding areas. It works like this: First, you call Kirk’s mother, who then calls Kirk and finds him, and then he comes to a specific corner to pick you up. Sure, there’s holes in the floor of the car and it’s freezing and his ride tends to break down at inopportune moments, but it’s all Kirk. Too bad the lawyers from the very, very similar-sounding ridesharing app ushered one big cease and desist and he had to disband his company.

Wedding Planner


This wasn't an official job, per se, but Kirk can do wonderful things when he wants to. At the eve of Luke and Lorelai's wedding, Kirk, with Lorelai's direction, created an insanely gorgeous wedding scene in the town square for their nuptials. He said he went crazy with the glue gun, but Kirk's creation was romantic and pretty and everything anyone would want to get married in.

Does Kirk's lack of strange jobs show he's settling down? Maybe!

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