Hold Up, Someone Made A Wine Advent Calendar

I challenge anyone to question the magic of Christmas now that this wine advent calendar from VineBox exists in this known universe. Rather than following the traditional 24-day advent calendar, it follows the 12 days of Christmas, coming with a pre-portioned glass of a unique wine for each day. (Side note: technically the "12 days of Christmas" are Dec. 25 through Jan. 5, but I think in the spirit of the ~holidays~, we can make VineBox's start Dec. 13 instead.) Each glass comes labeled with the number of the day so you can take the advent calendar journey as it was intended, and the selections, according to the website, include "Burgundy, Barolo, Bordeaux and more!"

Right now it retails for $129 with shipping included, but will retail for $109.65 on Cyber Monday. But really, can you put a price on being among the humans who get to be a part of the very first wine advent calendar? You're basically a pioneer. In the infinite wisdom of Tom from Parks and Rec, "Treat yo self." Or, if you're feeling like an especially nice sister/daughter/BFF this year, treat someone else.

Here's what the packaging and the little glasses look like when they arrive at your door.

Um, yes please.

"Twelve Nights of Wine", $129, Vinebox

Actually reeling over how classy this is. Why did it take us this many moons as a species to come up with such a perfect idea? You can reserve your own "Twelve Nights Of Wine" here — and in the meantime, if you're looking for some fun advent calendar ideas, give these a try as well.

David's Tea Advent Calendar

24 Days Of Tea, $40, David's Tea

The "24 Days Of Tea" advent calendar features a new, seasonally festive tea to brew for every day in December leading up to Christmas, packaged in little gold tins behind adorable doors.

Yankee's Candle Advent Calendar

Countdown Calendar, $30, Yankee's Candles

This candle countdown calendar is chock full of itty-bitty tea light candles that all feature a different scent, perfect for burning each day leading up to Christmas right before you fall asleep.

Godiva Advent Calendar

Godiva Chocolate Advent Calendar, $25, Godiva Chocolate

This chocolate advent calendar from Godiva is full of not 24, but 25 limited edition, special chocolate pieces for each day — that is, if you can wait the whole month without eating them all in one go!

On second thought, I'm buying myself all of these and having the best month of my life. See y'all on the other side!

Images: Courtesy of Retailers