Shannen Doherty Is Heading Back To 'Heathers,' But Who Will She Play? — PHOTO

Keep an eye on your prized crimson hair tie, because it looks like one of the Heathers is making a comeback. On Tuesday, actress Shannen Doherty announced that she's in the Heathers reboot by posting an on-set photo on Instagram. This news is so very, and so original Heathers: Doherty portrayed Heather Duke in the '80s cult classic. So, who will the Beverly Hills, 90210 star play in the Jason Micallef-penned TV Land series? According to The Hollywood Reported, Doherty will take on a yet-to-be-named “pivotal” role in the pilot.

Oh, my gosh. What if Shannen Doherty plays Heather Duke again? I doubt I'm alone here, but I would love to find out what Doherty's Heather Duke has been up to for the past few decades. What if she's related to the reboot's Heather Duke? And what if she teaches the young Heathers how to Heather properly? It'd be a delight to see her impart some of her wisdom to the new class of Heathers (e.g., think twice before you pass around a sketchy petition; if you suspect someone might be pulling your d*ck, do not hesitate to ask them why they would do such a thing). A Heathers mentor, if you will. My head is spinning.

...Or maybe she's playing a brand new character and I'm getting ahead of myself. I suppose I'll just have to grab a slushie and sit tight.

Is that Heather Chandler's iconic hair accessory? Did Heather Duke snatch it back from Veronica? Does the scrunchie mean Doherty will bring Heather Duke to the small screen? Or is it nothing more than a red scrunchie herring?