Ted Mosby vs. Carrie Bradshaw: Can You Guess Who Said These Things About Love?

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In case you were wondering, Ted Mosby is TOTALLY the Carrie of the How I Met Your Mother gang. A helpless romantic with a creative career and a circle of friends with whom he is almost unhealthily involved with. He's had his heart broken and has broken many-a-heart throughout the city of New York. You could almost say, New York City has been, over the course over the last nine seasons, his great love. (Spoiler Alert: NYC isn't the mother. That would just be weird and scientifically impossible) According to Sex and the City, well at least Charlotte anyway, you only get two great loves. So with New York City already taking up a spot, really, who is it gonna be Ted, Robin or The Mother?

As How I Met Your Mother concludes tonight in an hour-long most-assuredly tearjerking finale, we pay tribute to our purveyor of sentimentality, the bleeding-heart on the sleeve wearer, Ted Mosby. He's had a lot to say about love over the years and the only person who competes with his storybook pining...well, Carrie Bradshaw of course.

See if you can guess who said these things about L-O-V-E!

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