Get Ready For Kandi Burruss' New Restaurant

If you've been watching the current season of Real Housewives of Atlanta, you know that Kandi Burruss and her husband, Todd Tucker, are very focused on finishing up their new restaurant called Old Lady Gang. You are probably also aware that construction of the restaurant had been taking a while and that the opening date keeps getting pushed. Well, the restaurant is finally finished, but it's not opened yet. Still, I'm sure RHOA fans want to know if they can make reservations at Kandi's restaurant yet.

Just like everything else that Kandi does, I'm sure Old Lady Gang is going to draw a lot of attention, so it would make sense to let hungry people make dinner reservations before the the restaurant is even up and running. Plus, it would be an easy way to build up buzz.

Unfortunately, making a reservation at Old Lady Gang is not currently a possibility. Who knows if that will change once the opening night comes closer. But don't fret too much, Kandi fans. There is still way for you to remain in the loop aside from refreshing the Old Lady Gang website and/or Kandi's Instagram account.

If you are interested in Old Lady Gang updates, you can enter your name and email on the restaurant's website to make sure that you receive information about the opening, menu items, and other relevant information as it becomes available. So, if Kandi ends up giving future customers the opportunity to make reservations before Old Lady Gang is actually open, it makes sense to assume that the people who sign up to get information will be the first to know.

Sadly, there is still no date set in stone for the restaurant to open. If you're caught up on Real Housewives of Atlanta, you know that Kandi has had to push the opening date a couple of times. She revealed that at first she wanted Old Lady Gang up and running by her birthday and then they were aiming for her husband Todd's birthday as a backup deadline. That date has come and gone and there is no indication of when Old Lady Gang will actually be ready for business, but I'm sure Kandi will have it be perfectly timed and ready to go when it does happen.