These Are The Best Free Programs For Your Computer

When it comes to our computers, we're always looking to get the best value for the best technology — and luckily, no matter what type or model of computer you own, there are a wide variety of terrific free computer programs available for download all across the internet. Because while there are basically endless options in terms of customizations and ways to jazz up your machine, sometimes the best options are the free ones.

First, though, a word of caution: Whenever you download anything from the internet, it's important to double check the source and make sure you're downloading from a legitimate website. It's also important to make sure that whatever you're downloading, you're doing so legally. The running joke of the internet is that anything can be found for free, but obviously you should only download things that are actually legally available at no cost.

That's where the recent AskReddit thread asking "What is some of the best free software?" is so useful. It's great to find free stuff, but it's even better to find free stuff that comes via recommendation from people who actually use it. Here are some of the best selections from the list, but be sure to check out the full thread over at AskReddit, too!

1. 7-zip

Suggested by: Mickey5999

You know that feeling of frustration when you realize the file you downloaded is in a .zip folder and you need to unzip it to access anything? Worry not: Just use 7-zip and you're all set.

2. Audacity

Suggested by: IWatchUSleepAtNight

Want to edit music or other audio files but don't want to invest big bucks into software? Check out Audacity for free and easy software.

3. F.lux

Suggested by: Khorack

F.lux is a really neat program that adjusts your screen to avoid straining your eyes once the sun goes down. It's excellent if you have trouble falling asleep at night because of too much exposure to blue light.

4. CCleaner

Suggested by: HuskyTheNubbin

CCleaner is a great way to get rid of old files and folders that are taking up space on your computer without doing it manually.

5. Malwarebytes

Suggested by: HuskyTheNubbin

Another solid suggestion is Malwarebytes, an awesome program that offers protection against malware for your computer.

6. Stellarium

Suggested by: WantDiscussion

If you're a big fan of checking out the stars at night, but live in an area with lots of light pollution, Stellarium is a great way to catch the sites without going outside.

7. ShareX

Suggested by: Shhh_ImHiding

ShareX is a really easy to use tool that allows you to grab screenshots from your computer screen.

8. Ninite

Suggested by: Mig94

Ninite lets you select all the free software you want to download, then actually downloads it directly onto your computer — streamlining the whole process of finding and downloading free software in the first place. Super straightforward and convenient!

9. WinDirStat

Suggested by: Carlyone

WinDirStat is an excellent free application that cleans up your hard drive for you.

10. Krita

Suggested by: bapewka

If you think visually, this is the program for you. Krita is an open source painting program that digital artists go crazy for, and for good reason!

11. KeePass

Suggested by: JiYung

KeePass stores all of your passwords and login information for you and encrypts them with a single password, so it's actually only using one password to keep everything else locked up safe. Cool, right?

12. Davince Resolve Lite

Suggested by: cakeboyplum

Davince Resolve Lite program is great if you're looking for a free, accessible video editor for people who are just starting out or who are making YouTube videos for fun.

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