The 2016 National Dog Show Winner Is A Majestic Surprise — VIDEO

It wouldn't be an exciting Thanksgiving without watching The National Dog Show. After many an adorable pup was put on display at the Kennel Club of Philadelphia, the undisputed winner was Gia the Greyhound. It's not hard to see why Gia was such a special —and might I say super majestic? — dog among those in competition for Best In Show. Sure, it was tough not to totally fall in love with Chuck the Pekingese, with his ridiculously jazzy coat, or absolutely chuckle at the perky gait of Rondo the West Highland White Terrier. But I think we can all agree that Gia, in all of her elegant, lithe, smooth caramel-coated glory was the true cream of the dog crop.

Gia is a greyhound with serious chops. I'm not kidding: this dog has won more awards in her short life than I ever have and she may be my new role model. Last year, Gia won Best of Breeds at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. She is one of the top hounds in America right now and might just be the top dog of Thanksgiving 2016. It's no major feat in understanding why Gia is one of the best in the nation. One look at her performance at The National Dog Show confirms this Best In Show was hers from the very beginning. The only thing I'm left to wonder about is if Gia is celebrating with a ton of dog treats once the lights go down on the Kennel Club of Philadelphia.

I'll admit it: despite my deep and abiding love for dogs, this is only the third year in a row I've watched the National Dog Show. Frankly, I can't believe it took me this long to warm to the event because it's nothing short of delightful. How can you say "No" to watching a ton of well-bred, fluffy, springy dogs run around for two hours?

If there's one thing that makes any Thanksgiving holiday even better, its watching some of the cutest and most-well rounded creatures on four legs just hanging out, staying glam, and prancing around for a few hours. The National Dog Show has cemented the certifiable greatness of dogs all over this great land and Gia will reign o'er them like the majestic greyhound she is. Bless.