16 Perfect Gifts For Writers

The holidays are finally here — which means endless viewing nights of Elf and a whole lot of shopping for your loved ones. Whether you braved the storm of crowded people during Black Friday or wait to finish your holiday shopping days before an event, giving gifts and putting thought into it is what I find to be the best part of the holidays. However, some people are more difficult to shop for than others, and if you're at a dead end for what to get your nerdy writer friend or family member this year, don't worry, I've got your back.

As a writer myself, I personally think we writers are fairly easy to shop for (but then again, everyone thinks that about themselves). Give me a new book or a plain journal and I'm one happy camper, but I understand the desire to go beyond the norm and get the one you love something truly special, which is why I've made this handy dandy list. There are an alarming number of things to get a writer, but us writers can sometimes be a bit picky about certain things, and so, I'm glad to be your personal gift-giving-guide this year.

You can't go wrong with a fancy new pen or even a cute coffee mug for a writer (because we can never have enough). From wine subscriptions to fancy jewelry and even some unique and personalized gift ideas, give the writer in your life one of these 16 fun gifts this year and you'll be her or his favorite person for eternity:

1. A Beautifully Accurate Necklace

Story Telling Necklace, $15, Etsy

Want to compliment the writer in your life? Adorn her with this lovely necklace, giving her the most honorary title of all.

2. A Futuristic Space Pen

Fisher Rainbow Titanium Nitrade Space Pen , $37, Amazon

For the science fiction writer, or the writer who just really loves to write free-hand, consider getting this super fancy, rainbow titanium nitrade space pen. It works win zero gravity, so your writer will be assured it'll never fail them when inspiration strikes.

3. An Adventurous Journal

Spiral Writing Notebook, $8, Etsy

What writer can have too many journals? The answer is none. Plus, this journal is just about the cutest one I've ever seen.

4. The Writer Emergency Pack

Writer Emergency Pack , $19, Amazon

This deck of cards will help that writer who is constantly at odds for what to write, where to get started, and what to do whenever inspiration is lacking.

5. A Workbook To Encourage Writers To Start Writing

Ready, Set, Novel!: A Workbook , $12, Amazon

This workbook is perfect for the beginning writer as it's full of writing exercises, plot maps, character Q&As, and a lot of inspiring quotes and space to begin writing a novel.

6. A VineBox Subscription

VineBox, $30/mo

If the writer in your life is anything like the writers of our past, odds are he or she loves to drink wine. However, everyone has their own tastes and preferences, and VineBox allows you to try wine by the glass — perfect for occasional (and picky) wine drinkers. Get them a subscription and you'll be their favorite non-fictional person for the rest of time.

7. A Bean Box Subscription

Bean Box, $17+/mo

Maybe your writer is more of a coffee drinker than wine lover, which in that case, go with a coffee box subscription instead. Bean Box coffee sampler features four different roasts per month from Seattle's top-rated roasters.

8. A SCRIBEDelivery Subscription

SCRIBEDelivery, $29/mo

Sorry not sorry, but I can't tell you how great subscription boxes are — and SCRIBEDelivery is just about perfect for any and every writer. Each month they'll receive a curated, themed box that includes pens, notebooks, and other items designed inspire ideas and encourage writing.

9. A Calligraphy Kit For The Old School Writer

Belle Calligraphy Kit , $23, Amazon

I've always found the art of calligraphy one worthwhile to learn (which is why I own five different calligraphy pens), and I can promise you that most of the writers I've met are interested in trying out the art as well. This kit will start them out right and give them something fun to do when writer's block hits.

10. An Inspirational Poster

Literary Print, $5, Etsy

Every writer needs some inspirational art on his or her walls, especially near a desk or bookshelf. This one will remind the writer you love that there's an important story within, and it's his or her job to share it.

11. This Pen Nib Necklace And Earring Set

Jewelry Pen Nib Necklace and Earrings, $36, Etsy

When I mentioned that nearly every writer is intrigued by old-school writerly ways, I wasn't joking around. This pen nib necklace and earring set is pretty darn cute and a perfect gift for that special, possibly romantic writer in your life.

12. An Empowering Coffee Mug

Author Mug, $15, Etsy

Writers make words come to life, so remind them of their super human abilities will this neat mug to fill all their needed coffee and tea in!

13. A Writerly Candle

Antique Books Candle, $18, Etsy

Writers and book lovers in general go weak in the knees to the scent of old books, so there's really no need to explain further why this candle would make an excellent writer gift.

14. This Warning Wooden Door Sign

Go Away I'm Writing Wooden Door Sign, $12, Etsy

Know a writer who likes her alone time when she's hard at work — maybe your roommate or sister? Let her know you understand and care with this notifying sign she's always wanted deep down.

15. A Typewriter, Of Course

Royal Epoch Portable Manual Typewriter, $148, Amazon

If you're in the mood to splurge and totally spoil the writer in your life, a typewriter like this one is honestly one of the most extravagent and beautiful gifts you could give.

16. A Personalized Writer Care Package

Want to make your special writer feel truly loved? Make them a unique care package put together by you, and include things like Stephen King's On Writing or Elizabeth Gilbert's Big Magic, some cheap but nice pens and journals, some homemade cookies, and a writerly game like Story Cubes. Oh, and don't forget to add a heartfelt hand-written card, because there's honestly nothing more special to a writer than the written words from a loved one.

Images: Pixabay ; PaperHeartDaily, JournalandCo, FromtheRookery, KfiatekGiftedHands, MyFamilyTee, WertherandGray, LittleBookishLtd; Etsy