Nick & Vanessa Lachey Announce They're Having A Baby Boy In The Most '90s Way Possible — VIDEO

Now this is how you express '90s nostalgia: Vanessa Lachey used a 98 Degrees song to announce she and Nick Lachey are having a baby boy. She first broke the news about their third child when Nick returned home from tour this summer. Yup, Vanessa is my new favorite person too. In an Instagram posted on Thanksgiving to give you the maximum amount of feels, she revealed the video of her husband's homecoming to the world. Nick enters the couple's new house where he is greeted by the family dog, his son Camden, his daughter Brooklyn, lots of blue balloons, and one of his band's classic songs, "Because of You." In short, it is the perfect gender reveal, but unfortunately it's one you could only pull off if you're married to a '90s boy band member.

Even Vanessa's caption for the video will give you the warm fuzzies:

I have so much to be Thankful for this year... especially our littlest Lachey. When Daddy came home from tour this Summer and we were moving into our new house I shared the news! Now I'm sharing it with you! I am so very Thankful and Grateful for this family of mine! And Thankful for YOU! All your Love & support makes what we do FUN and worth it! Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Her post truly is the dash of holiday joy the world needs right now. Vanessa combined the '90s, boy band love, and babies to create the most feel-good birth announcement ever. Seeing how private the event originally was, everyone should feel honored she shared the special family moment with the world.

It is impossible not to wonder if Nick ever imagined "Because of You" would one day play such a key role in his private life. The song was one of 98 Degrees' biggest hits, but it doesn't get much play these days, despite being a pop classic. Nick has likely performed the song onstage more times than he can count. For many couples who got together in the late '90s or early '00s, "Because of You" is their wedding song or the song they had their first dance too, but now it has an extra special meaning for Nick as well.

Vanessa took one of Nick's greatest professional achievements and turned it into a welcome home anthem he will always associate with his third child — Vanessa is a romance genius, guys. May the happy couple continue to have plenty of things to be thankful for, while also offering the world the very best kind of '90s nostalgia.