Vanessa Lachey Takes Son To Hang With 'Frozen' Stars & It's Every Child's Dream Come True — PHOTO

While following celebrities on Instagram is amusing, nothing is better than photos of their adorable children. I'd rather see baby pictures than red carpet gowns any day. As I've learned from scrolling through the social media site, Nick and Vanessa Lachey have a precious little family. The couple has two kids together — Camden and Brooklyn. Proving that parenting is a top priority, Vanessa Lachey took her son to see Disney On Ice's Frozen and he even got to meet the characters afterwards. On Instagram, she shared a snapshot of Camden with Elsa and Anna, writing, "Thank You @MarqueComm for making Cam's little dreams come true!!!"

The 3-year-old looks thrilled to be hanging out with the princesses of Arendelle. This picture is so cute that no, I can't just follow the movie's advice and "let it go." I can only imagine the Lachey kids hanging out in their living room and having a family movie night and sing-along. If they need a babysitter, I'd totally volunteer as tribute.

Admittedly I still sometimes wonder what it'd be like if Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson never broke up. But despite my '90s/'00s nostalgia, I'm going to have to say that happened for the best. Nothing is cuter than Nick and Vanessa's little family, and the fact that these two seem so in love is absolutely adorable.

In case the Frozen photo isn't enough cuteness for one day, here's a round-up of other Lachey family moments. Because even Elsa's cold heart would melt upon seeing these snapshots.

1. Going For A Stroll

Note: How perfect is Vanessa's "Hello Brooklyn" sweater? Obviously a shoutout to her daughter's name.

2. Giving Thanks

The littlest Lachey celebrated her first Thanksgiving in style.

3. Playing Dress Up

Looks like the Disney theme continues. How perfect are their Toy Story Halloween costumes? The Hamm costume wins.

4. Celebrating Birthdays

Camden is probably the coolest kid in pre-school with his Minions themed birthday.

5. Jumping In Leaves

This seasonal shot is everything. Who doesn't love jumping in a pile of leaves?

Honestly, I can't get enough of this adorable family. More pictures, please!