A Vital Question About Logan's Love Life Remains

by Courtney Lindley

In an ideal world — i.e. Stars Hollow, if it were a real place — Rory Gilmore would end up with the love of her life and fans would all be endlessly happy. Spoilers ahead. There are spoilers afoot. Did I say spoilers? Spoilers. Anyway, where was I? Oh, yes. Rory Gilmore, the love of her life, *cough* Jess *cough*, happiness, how it should be, etc. But what if you reached the end of the four-part Gilmore Girls revival, or even finished the first episode ("Winter"), and realized that none of your "how it should be" dreams came true? What if you were left indescribably bemused about Rory's romantic situation? Though I wish it were possible to take a deep-dive into the mythos of Rory's boyfriends and non-boyfriends and quasi-boyfriends (poor Patrick — sorry, Paul), let's process one thing at a time. Logan Huntzberger. The engaged Logan Hunztberger of "Rory As The Other Woman: Part II" fame. Who is Logan's fiancée? And why is it not a bigger, more frowned-upon deal that he has one while he's still seeing Rory?

Fans don't find out that the once-"butt-faced miscreant" of Rory's youth is back in the picture until about two-thirds into "Winter." Better yet, viewers don't find out that he's engaged until the next episode, "Spring." You can thank the delightfully smarmy Huntzberger patriarch, Mitchum, for that one. As Rory and Logan enjoy a bottle of $300 wine (classic Rory and Logan behavior), Mitchum comes in like an egotistical driven, fry-stealing grenade and drops that casual bomb. Though, by the look on Rory's face (one of somewhat nonchalance), she already knew. And it doesn't seem to matter anyway, considering that Rory's moral compass has been flawed for at least two years. (That's how long she's strung Patrick — sorry, Paul — along. Poor Paul.)

While I'm inclined to pen a whole piece dissecting Rory's cavalier attitude toward the fiancée situation, the woman's identity needs to be addressed. Logan’s engaged to a French heiress named Odette. And that's pretty much all we know. OK that, and they live together. OK, OK, that, and she's a brunette, based on the scene she's ever-so-slightly a part of when Rory calls Logan in the middle of the night.

Is she the French version of Rory? She's a female and brunette and loves Logan, so they have at least three things in common. Considering how hung up Logan was on Rory (please don't forget that he, at one point, wanted Rory to be his fiancée and she turned him down), that narrative would fit. Though, if that's the case (if he's still pining for Rory) why not just be with Rory? And if Rory doesn't even like Patrick — sorry, Paul — why not just be with Logan? Unless Rory and Logan are simply not mean to be together. Because if they were — really meant to be together, that is — they would be. Simple as that. With the impending (did I mention this was full of spoilers?) baby on the way and no news of A Year In The Life revival sequel, it looks like we'll be forced to speculate and debate over Rory's confounding romantic pursuits until the end of time.

So, uh, Jess, you up?

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