Hep Alien Reunites In The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival, But You've Probably Seen The Band Members Elsewhere

While Gilmore Girls was jampacked with dialogue and drama, I always appreciated that the show made time for extended musical moments. Thankfully, this isn't any different in the revival, as demonstrated by the Hep Alien reunion in Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life. The new Netflix series features Stars Hollow's favorite troubadour, the "la la las" fams all know and love, and, most significantly, an extended performance from Hep Alien in the first episode, "Winter."

For those who might need a little refresher on the band, Hep Alien was the rock group founded by Dave Rygalski that Lane Kim joined in Season 3. While Dave eventually disappeared, the group found success after his departure, and Lane got married to her bandmate Zack. Even before the group's return in A Year In The Life, Hep Alien (which is an anagram of Gilmore Girl's producer Helen Pai's name) reunited for a special show last June, playing Beyoncé and White Stripes covers, in addition to a rendition of the Gilmore Girls theme song.

In A Year In The Life, Rory visits Lane's house and watches the band practice a cover of Joe Jackson's "I'm The Man." It's great to see Hep Alien rocking out again, though you might know some of its members from shows besides Gilmore Girls. Here's what the actors who make up Hep Alien have been up to between Gilmore Girls and A Year In The Life.

Keiko Agena

The actor is probably still best known as Rory's BFF and Hep Alien's drummer Lane Kim, but she's been busy post-Gilmore Girls. According to a Reddit AMA she did in 2015, Agena is an improv comedy performer, too. She's also appeared in guest roles on TV shows like Scandal, Shameless, and Grimm.

Todd Lowe

You probably recognize Lowe, who plays Hep Alien lead singer and Lane's husband Zack, from True Blood. Lowe starred on the vampire show as war veteran Terry Bellefleur.

Sebastian Bach

Bach is best known, not as Hep Alien's guitarist Gil, but as himself, the heavy metal guitarist and frontrunner of the band Skid Row. Bach has released two solo albums since Gilmore Girls ended.

John Cabrera

Cabrera plays Brian, Hep Alien's bass player. While Cabrera has appeared on shows like Studio 60 and Numb3rs, he's mainly shifted his attention to screenwriting, writing the shows H+ and The Homes.

Of course, original band member Dave Rygalski did not appear in the Netflix revival, as Adam Brody left Gilmore Girls early on in the series to move to The O.C. and later marry Blair Waldorf. Even without Dave, though, it's great to see the band together again.

Image: Netflix, Giphy (4)