17 Gifts For Slytherins That Will Make Other Houses Turn Green With Envy

As the time until Christmas grows shorter and shorter, your holiday to-do list only keeps getting longer. While I can't help you perfect your grandmother's famous gingerbread recipe in time for dinner or help your racist relatives see the light before the family feast, I can help you find the perfect gifts for Slytherins. The holidays are hard, but shopping for the Harry Potter fans in your life doesn't have to be.

Their love for all things Harry Potter make Potterheads among the easiest people to find a great gift for, especially if you know which Hogwarts house they belong to. If you're shopping for a Slytherin, there are a few basic things to keep in mind: they're proud of their house and their families, snakes are their favorite animal, and they prefer green and silver over every other color. Slytherins admire strong, cunning wizard, and their role models include Merlin, Severus Snape, and, recently, Albus Potter. Though they get an unfair wrap thanks to a few infamous wizards, Slytherins are resourceful and ambitious witches and wizards as brilliant as their house's gemstone, the emerald.

Slytherins are complicated characters with many different qualities and interests, but one thing holds true for them all: they love their Hogwarts house, and they love showing it off even more.

Cross one more thing off of your ever-growing holiday to-do list by getting the Potterhead in your life one of these perfect gifts for Slytherins.

1. Slytherin Ornament

Slytherin Ornament, $10, Etsy

It's that time of year to deck the halls, so help your Slytherin pal out by gifting them a house-themed ornament. Branded with the Slytherin logo, this green sparkly bulb will look amazing on any Christmas tree — or you know, just left hanging up all year round.

2. Slytherin Qualities Mug

Slytherin Qualities Mug, $13, Etsy

Help your Slytherin start the day off right with a beautiful and bold coffee mug, featuring the house emblem on one side and the qualities of its members on the other. A useful gift that will get used all year round, you can never go wrong with a book-themed coffee mug — never.

3. Slytherin Print Tote Bag

Slytherin Print Tote Bag, $20- $26, Society6

It's probably safe to say that the Slytherin you're shopping for likes to read. This year, support their habit by giving them a bag to carry around all those copies of Harry Potter they have, a bag that showcases their house pride.

4. Snake Print

Snake Print, $7, Etsy

Simple yet unique, this snake print, featuring all of the best characteristics of Slytherins, is a fun and thoughtful gift for members of the noble house. A cute decoration for the home, office, or dorm room, this is the perfect way for Slytherins to display their pride for their house.

5. Fleece Hooded Bathrobe

Fleece Hooded Bathrobe , $50, Amazon

The perfect item for curling up and reading in, this Hogwarts-style fleece robe will bring joy to even the most serious of Slytherins this holiday season. Warm and cozy, its the perfect accessory for reading in this winter.

6. Quidditch Sweatshirt

Slytherin Quidditch Sweatshirt, $20, Etsy

Perfect for layering up with this cold winter season, a quidditch sweatshirt will be a welcome addition to any Slytherin's green wardrobe. With a classic design in the house's team colors, it's a fun and practical present any young witch or wizard will love finding under the tree.

7. Slytherin House Charm Necklace

Slytherin House Charm Necklace, $11, Etsy

When it comes to house-themed accessories, one can never have too much jewelry. Featuring a beautiful enamel house charm, this Slytherin necklace will look stunning around any witch, wizard, or muggle's neck.

8. Travel Mug

Travel Mug , $24, Society6

Take your ambition to go with this green branded travel mug, perfect for filling with coffee, a.k.a. the closest thing Muggles have to Liquid Luck.

9. Charm Bracelet

Charm Bracelet, $8, Etsy

This charm bracelet is a fun tribute to all things Slytherin. Featuring an "S" initial, snake, and book charm, the green and silver gems complete this wonderfully school-inspired look.

10. Uniform Onesie

Uniform Onesie, $16, Etsy

Have a little witch or wizard who is still learning how to say "Mama," let along the correct pronunciation of "wingardium leviosa?" This adorable school uniform is the perfect gift for the littlest Slytherin in your life.

11. Madam Malkin's Slytherin Leggings

Madam Malkin's Slytherin Leggings, $27, Etsy

Green and black and silver all over, these fun leggings feature a snake skin and shield design, perfect for coordinating with the rest of your friend or loved one's Slytherin-inspired wardrobe. Comfortable and funky, this is one clothing item that will stick out from all the rest.

12. Slytherin Underwear

Slytherin Underwear, $13.50, Etsy

For that ~special~ Slytherin on your nice list, give them something a little naughty: punny underwear. Cute and clever, this is a fun gift for that lovely witch you want to invite to the Yule Ball.

13. Knee High Socks

Slytherin Knee High Socks , $12, Amazon

Because you can never give a Slytherin too many house-themed accessories, these black and green stockings make a great stocking stuffer. Warm, cozy, and perfectly branded, these socks will keep a Slytherin warm all winter long.

14. Opalite Crystal Snake Necklace

Opalite Crystal Snake Necklace, $10, Etsy

This unique and stunning crystal snake necklace will go great with your friend or loved one's green and silver wizarding robes. A beautifully designed piece of jewelry with a hint of Slytherin pride, it's a subtle way of showing off one's affinity for snakes.

15. Slytherin Crest Throw

Slytherin Crest Throw , $35, Amazon

Bring a little bit of the Slytherin common room home with the gift of a warm and cozy throw bearing the house crest. A great home accessory for the reading nook or the bedroom, this throw will look great wherever it lands.

16. Argyle iPhone Case

Slytherin Argyle iPhone Case , $28, Society6

Slytherins are classy folk, and their phone cases should be, too. With this Slytherin argyle print phone case, they can be.

17. Slytherin Gift Set

Slytherin Gift Set, starts at $25, Etsy

Featuring everything from a scarf and wand to a spell book and a personalized Hogwarts acceptance letter, supply list and Hogwarts Express ticket included, this ultimate gift set has all the essentials for new witches and wizards.