Don't Insult Kandi On 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta,' Or You Might Deserve A Mama Joyce Reading

It's not a particularly exciting season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta so far, but one thing is absolutely true: don't mess with Kandi Burruss. When Kandi's ex, Block, called her about Riley, she rather quickly shut down his pathetic attempt to connect with her and her daughter via a phone call after almost fourteen years of nothing. In the last episode, it became clear that Kandi is really disappointed in Block for not being there for her when she first got pregnant, or when Riley was really little. Seriously, if Block is still planning to pursue this relationship, he needs to seriously rethink his approach. And if her wants to win over Mama Joyce, he'll need to pay Kandi the child support she alleges multiple times throughout this episode that he never gave her.

A similar thing happened while the ladies were out and having a good time at laser tag. Judging by Shereé's wig, this is taking place a little closer to the moment in the first few episodes of the season when she got into a fight with Kenya over their respective houses. And Shereé gets her revenge during Phaedra's laser tag session, specifically targeting Kenya and shooting her repeatedly. As Porsha says, a few sessions of this and no anger management would be necessary. But since she was the target of the attack, Kenya once again makes the mistake of trying to go after Shereé, who has yet to lose an argument on Real Housewives of Atlanta. And Kandi looks truly pained by the experience of listening to these women arguing, especially when the insult "Mama Joyce wig" is thrown out there.

But I wish that Kandi's attitude would extend to livening up this season of RHOA. So far, it's been extremely uneventful, and while it's a little sad to watch Riley reject a relationship with her dad, it's also not the most entertaining subject for an episode of reality television. The show needs a little more Shereé and Kenya laser tag battling, and a little less emotional phone conversations with gaslighting exes.

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