What Does "PPP" Mean On 'The Walking Dead'? Heath May Have Left A Cryptic Message

Tara believes that Heath is alive on The Walking Dead, but he's not making himself easy to find. Even the note that he left, if he really is the one that left it, is confusing. What does "PPP" mean on The Walking Dead ? The letters were written on some kind of tag, badge, or key card, and definitely meant more to Tara than they do to me.

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Perhaps it stands for pianississimo, a musical term that means very quiet. It probably has nothing to do with point to point protocol in computing, pay per play online advertisements, or PowerPoint presentations. Anything with computers is not much help during the apocalypse. Did it have something to do with the van they were using to scavenge? It could be the name of a location in Virginia. Potomac... something. Unfortunately, as we learned, Tara is not good at geography. Maybe they passed a place on the road with a lot of parking signs.

We've seen notes like this before on the AMC series. Enid's motto is "Just Survive Somehow," and she carves those initials everywhere. On Talking Dead following the episode, actor Alanna Masterson said that the only person who knows the answer is executive producer Scott Gimple. What if it's upside-down, and the letters are actually lowercase "ddd"? If that's the case, your guess is as good as mine. Hopefully, the note was written by Heath and not a Savior. The last thing I want is for Tara to walk into a trap.

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Image: Gene Page/AMC