Where Is Heath On 'The Walking Dead'? The Survivor Is MIA & That Can't Be Good

Heath is having serious doubts about the attack on the Savior outpost. Little does he know, that kind of attitude is dangerous to have during the apocalypse. But where is Heath on The Walking Dead now? He didn't die, did he? Right now, all we know is that he went missing after a dramatic zombie fight and hasn't been seen since.

The scenes of the Nov. 27 episode of The Walking Dead were shown out of order, so it was a little difficult to track his progress. Basically, what happened is that Heath and Tara got separated while scavenging near the coast of Virginia. Tara fell off a bridge and got caught in a current, while Heath was left fighting walkers. He lost his glasses, left a note that said "PPP" (Walking Dead sure loves a cryptic letter), and fresh tire tracks. Tara has faith that Heath got away safely, but we can't be certain yet.

While he is still alive in the comics, Heath probably didn't make it back to Alexandria yet on the AMC series. Tara would have been told. He could have gone to Hilltop Colony. Maybe he's spying on Oceanside. Or he could have found fuel and continued the scavenging mission without Tara. My guess, however, is that he was captured by Saviors. We know that they're nearby, and if Oceanside's location is going to be betrayed, better it come from a stranger like Heath than Tara.

As the new law of TV death rules: no body, no proof (unless your name is Jon Snow), so I don't think we can assume that Heath is dead just yet. However, he and the van are definitely missing. Considering where The Walking Dead Season 7 is heading, with the Saviors ready to battle every community, Heath's return is not likely to be quiet.

Image: Gene Page/AMC