A Cat Fashion Magazine? Yes Please!

I love cats. You love cats. The Internet loves cats. Fashion loves cats. Cats are in! Gone is the stigmatized 'crazy cat lady.' (Mostly.) These days, being into cats is très chic ! And, naturally, this means there is now a place for the stylish cat lover on newsstands. That's where Puss Puss , a new cat and fashion-themed magazine, comes in.

Puss Puss was founded by Royal College of Art alum Maria Joudina, who has launched a Kickstarter campaign to try and get the publication off the ground. She hopes to make a print magazine that explores the intersection of art, fashion, culture, and kitties. The first issue features model Anja Konstantinova on the cover, flashing the "Meow" tattoo on her bottom lip.

This admittedly clever image sets the tongue-in-cheek tone for the rest of the issue, which features "quirky illustrations, some slick looking photography, in-depth feline exploration (regarding endangered species, specialized cat breeding and the like) and interviews with creative people who just so happen to love pussy… cats," according to Fashionista. From the looks of the Kickstarter, the magazine is a perfect union of twee culture and cat culture.

Joudina eloquently describes her mission statement in the video accompanying the campaign:

It’s a well-known fact that cats rule the Internet, and I feel that now it’s time for them to cross over from web into print with a beautiful publication that dispels the crazy cat lady stereotype and puts them into the beautiful space where they belong.

Um, YES. This is perfect. A cat fashion magazine is just the thing to keep print fresh and exciting. I, personally, cannot wait for Puss Puss, which currently has a target release date of June 2014. If you are just as pumped as I am, consider donating to the Kickstarter, where donors get the opportunity to score some seriously adorable kitty swag like limited edition cat-print silk scarves and framed cat illustrations.

Image: pusspussmag/Instagram