12 'The O.C.' Gifts To Ask For This Chrismukkah

Rejoice, Seth Cohen-devotees, because the best holiday of the year is nearly upon us. Chrismukkah is coming, and, beyond picking the perfect tree and digging out your menorah, you’re probably making a list of O.C. -related gifts that Santa’s going to bring... for eight days. The show wasn’t especially clear about that part of the mythos, but whatever. So where can you find the perfect present to show your love of The O.C., or to give your Ryan Atwood-obsessed friend?

You can’t just repeat what you did in the early 2000s by getting DVD box sets (the series is readily available on CW seed) or picking up a few volumes of The O.C. mixtapes (who has a CD player anymore?). Hell, even the Seth Cohen Starter Pack might feel derivative at this point (I mean, Seth himself doubled up on those albums and copy of Kavalier and Clay). In short, you have to do a deep dive into the internet... or you have to get someone else to do that for you.

And you’re in luck. I've actually done the diving already. Scroll down for a round up of cute O.C. gifts to put under the Chrismukkah tree this year.

1. This Ryan Atwood Doll

Ryan Atwood From The OC Custom Funko Pop, $20, Etsy

Without a doubt, the best part of this is the dead-on man-bangs.

2. This Container To Keep Your Chrismukkah Hot Chocolate

Happy Chrismukkah The OC Mug, $10, CafePress

It's doubly festive, and now you can keep the spirit of the cross-bred holiday alive all throughout the year.

3. These Seth And Summer Stickers

Seth And Summer Stickers, $2.50, Redbubble

These easy stocking stuffers are perfect to paste all over your diary. You know, the one that swoons about how Seth and Summer are still #relationshipgoals after all these years.

4. This T-Shirt That Demands Justice For Marissa

Free Marissa Screen Printed Unisex T Shirt The OC, $14, Etsy

Show your support for Newport's troubled golden girl.

5. This Seth Cohen Pillow

I Love Seth Cohen Throw Pillow, $20- $28, RedBubble

If you want the bragging rights of saying you've gone to bed with Seth Cohen, this is an ideal pick.

6. This Tumblr-Tastic Summer Roberts Print

Wanna See My War Face?, $16, Society6

The galaxy? The flower crown? It would never fly in 2005, but it makes for a delightful poster featuring the adorable-but-frightening valley girl.

7. This Orange-y Seth Cohen Phone Case

IPhone & IPod Case IPhone 6S Slim Case, $28, Society6

Even if your last Tinder date never texts back, there's a least one man on your phone you can still count on.

8. This Nod To The Real Power Couple Of The O.C.

Captain Oats Princess Sparkle The OC Drinking Glass, $15, CafePress

Raise a glass to the Seth and Summer's beloved plastic equine friends.

9. This Little Terrarium That Features The Two Brothers

Welcome To The O.C.// The O.C. Inspired Terrarium // Mini Seth Cohen & Ryan Atwood, $40, Etsy

California, here you come, and it's all in this neat little jar.

10. This Bumper Sticker Boasting The Show's Most Iconic Line

Welcome To The OC, Bitch Bumper Sticker, $5, CafePress

I guess this won't make a whole ton of sense if you live anywhere outside of Orange County, or if you drive anywhere out of the Orange County, but someone on the highway is bound to get the reference.

11. This Subtle Seth Cohen Heart Necklace

Seth Cohen Lover Heart Necklace, Hand Stamped Silver Heart, $17, Etsy

It's a lot more low-key than the throw pillow.

12. And, Of Course, A Yamaclaus To Properly Celebrate The Season

Red, Green, Or Blue Chrismukkah Hat, $8, Etsy

Ideally distribute these beforehand, when you're having your latkes and egg nog.

You're welcome, my holiday loving friends. Now, don't forget to ring in whichever one you celebrate with a little O.C. marathon. It does the body good.

Images: Warner Bros. Television; Etsy (4); CafePress (2); Society6 (2); RedBubble (2)