April Fools' Day is the ONE day a year we all actually pay attention to the fact that the Internet lies (LIES!!!) to us on a pretty regular basis. It's also a day when the Internet gives us regular, healthy doses of the giggles during our workday lulls and long commutes. From Google's "Shelfie" to Reese's peanut butter-less peanut butter cup (the blasphemy!) the Interweb is chock-full of cheeky pranks. The best one so far is the UK retailer Firebox's Cranston Pickle. Which, according to the product description is "Albuquerque's favourite sandwich spread" that is "worryingly moreish."

The iconic, meth-blue color of the "curiously addictive" pickle is complete with a Heisenberg screw-top lid. And the best bit of the Cranston Pickle is a little insight from the man himself on his newfound passion for pickling, "I did it for me. I liked it. I was good at it." If we can learn anything from Firebox it's that Cranston is in fact, the one who pickles.

And as far as the customer reviews go... well, "Ah, Cranston Pickle ... Shrouded in mystery. Many have purchased, but none returned to tell the tale... Yet! Will you be the first brave soul to Submit a Review?"

Sure, Bryan Cranston might be too busy with his newfound Broadway stardom and post-Breaking Bad career high to truly commit to something like pickling for a British chutney purveyor... but we all can dream, no?

Image: Firebox/Twitter