Bryan Cranston Addresses his own "Bitchy Resting Face" In the Best Way Ever

Bryan Cranston is many things. A brilliant actor. A very humble artist. A 1985 Teen Talk Stud. And now amongst his many, many talents, Bryan Cranston is the unofficial spokesman of those who suffer with BRF, or more colloquially, Bitchy Resting Face. As an important YouTube PSA pointed out, “As many men suffer from Resting Asshole Face, if not more, than women who suffer from Bitchy Resting Face.” According to a recent interview with The Guardian, Bryan Cranston addresses his own Bitchy Resting Face: "My face, in repose, is mean...I scare people. You know how some people have a built-in smile? I look like I'm going to eat children."

Yes Bryan, so many of us understand what you mean. For your Cranston Face is just one example of the spectrum within BRF and RAF. And thank you, Mr. White for sharing your story with all of us. For you see, not everyone who has a Bitchy Resting Face or a Resting Asshole Face is also one of the most critically-acclaimed actors of the past decade and has used their fearsome scowl to skyrocket into fame. For in Bryan Cranston lies hope that your Bitchy Resting Face or Resting Asshole Face need not hold you back for reaching for those dreams, you dreamers.

Cranston is currently on Broadway starring in All the Way as Lyndon B. Johnson, whose Presidential portraiture also tells us had quite the face of grumpdom, as well. Though perhaps not on the same “going to eat children” levels as Cranston.

So perhaps now if we all start referring to these symptoms as "Cranston Face" instead, the stigma of BRF and RAF will dissipate. Thanks for everything you do, Bryan Cranston, you national treasure, you.

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