What Is Annabelle Neilson Doing Now? The 'Ladies Of London' Star Has Already Moved On

Ladies of London Season 3 will be slightly less fashionable when the show returns to Bravo after a hiatus of just over a year. After two seasons and the decision not to return, what is Annabelle Neilson doing now? You may remember that Annabelle was the supermodel of the group who claimed to be the muse and close friend of Alexander McQueen, was more punk than she was prim, and decidedly did not get along with alpha-British society expert Caroline Stanbury, who was just as likely to throw a sharp insult as she was to throw a tea party. Caroline, for what it's worth, said in a post-season interview on Huff Post Live that she didn't think that Annabelle should leave Ladies of London and considers their fights all well within bounds for reality stars.

By contrast, though Annabelle seemed tough with her horseback riding injury, all-black wardrobe, and love of swear words, but in her real life, she's a children's book author and not much of a mean girl at all. Inquisitr reported that after the second season, while in the midst of a passionate fight with Caroline, Annabelle declared via a now-deleted Instagram post that she would not be returning for the third season. But while Annabelle was certainly an entertaining member of the Ladies of London cast, it's not as though she's stopped or even slowed down on anything else since she said goodbye to the show back in 2015.

She's Still Involved With Fashion

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Annabelle will never lose her connection to the high-fashion industry. In fact, she was recently name dropped in a feature on the sale of deceased designer Alexander McQueen's former home. I guess the new owner will receive some choice photos of Annabelle along with it.

She Maintains A Shred Of Mystery

It might seem minor (because it is), but keeping her official, verified Instagram private is one way for Annabelle to curate her online presence so there's a little bit withheld.

She Still Has Passionate Fans

And she often interacts with her fans online, retweeting them, asking what they're working on, or even simply responding to a compliment. There's something about the UK that lets its citizens receive adulation without coming across as self-centered. Annabelle also has a newsletter where said fans can follow exactly what she's up to.

She's Still Working On Her Books

On Ladies of London, Annabelle's Me Me Me series was debuting, and the books are still going strong now, a few years out. She's now up to three entries in the series,

Angry Me, Dreamy Me , and Messy Me .

She Can Count Kate Moss As A Fan

No matter what kind of pedigree the other women on Ladies of London have, they can't say that this supermodel sensation is a fan of their small business or creative work (and who, Brit or American, wouldn't want the former It Girl, now perennial It Woman to be a close friend?).

She's No Longer Getting In Twitter Battles

The end of Annabelle's friendship with American transplant Julie Montagu was tough to watch, especially once it turned nasty offscreen when the two got into a Twitter fight that also included Caroline. Now, though, Annabelle has cut out that bad habit, ignored any news about the new season of Ladies of London, and moved on.

Annabelle on Ladies of London? Disappointingly gone. But Annabelle Neilson, British lady about town and fashion muse? She'll be continuing to live a fabulous life regardless of whether cameras are there to capture it.

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