"You're Welcome" From 'Moana' Proves Dwayne Johnson Is Just As Talented As Maui Himself — VIDEO

I've been hyped about the new Disney movie Moana for a number of reasons, but I would be totally remiss to not admit that one of the biggest reasons is that the man, the myth, the legend, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson voices the demi-god Maui. Johnson is just so cool and so handsome — and he knows how to slip into character so well. The song "You're Welcome" from Moana was just released on YouTube and, as I listened, I was so hooked in the story of the song that I almost forgot it was Dwayne Johnson really singing. I was listening to Maui, learning about Maui, marveling at Maui's traditional Polynesian tattoos, which have the added bonus of flexing and dancing on his larger-than-life body. I almost forgot that Johnson existed — emphasis on the almost. It's a true testament to his talent as an actor and singer.

In the song's video, Maui introduces himself to the movie's heroine Moana with a lot of confidence. It's not clear if Moana ever says "thank you" but Maui's got a "you're welcome" ready and waiting for his many accomplishments, which allegedly include the tides, the sun, the sky, fire, the breeze, several islands, grass, the ground, palm trees, and many victories in battle. And from the first line "I see what's happening here / You're face to face with greatness / and it's strange / You don't even know how you feel," it's not hard to immediately forget that this character is voiced by Johnson and only focus on his nature as a demi-god with many accomplishments of his own.


Despite all Maui brags to Moana of that he has created, the navigatress and woman of the ocean seems amused in the way you would about a goofy uncle who's talking a lot about how good is stocks are doing this quarter. She catches the bananas he throws at her and follows him into the world of magic and on-point animation, but all with a bemused smirk on her face. And naturally, he ends the song by saying "thank you."

Moana was released Nov. 23 and is currently ruling the box office. Perhaps this is in part due to The Rock's presence in the film, but I imagine many fans will find that they decided to watch for Johnson and stayed for his awesome characterization of Pacific island legend Maui.

Watch the "You're Welcome" clip below.

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