Kara Has A New Love Interest On 'Supergirl'

Fans of Alex and Maggie are certainly celebrating after Monday's Supergirl, but the other brewing romance is taking a little more time to stew. After dancing around chemistry for a few episodes, Kara and Mon-El kissed on Supergirl — though neither of them are quite ready to acknowledge their feelings. Those two crazy aliens have a lot to figure out.

Eliza Danvers picked up on Mon-El's crush almost immediately. She's a good Mom that way. Kara called the Daxamite on it. Then, while suffering the effects of a virus, he caved and kissed her. What I like about this 'ship, or at least what I thought I liked, is that Mon-El was assertive when it mattered. The fact that initially denied having feelings, then "lost his memory" (I'm not buying it) and Kara used that as an excuse to pretend the kiss never happened kind of negates that. The two of them clearly didn't get the same clarity that Maggie got from their latest near death experience. However, the sureness of their kiss set their potential relationship apart for a seized moment. As much as I love and live unrequited feelings, or unknowingly requited feelings, it's nice to see the opposite in practice once in a while.

Nobody is doing good with communication on this show at the moment, with the notable exception of Alex and Maggie. It took a while, but Alex was finally able to come out to her mother — and it couldn't have been smoother. On the other hand, Winn and James totally stumbled over their chance to tell Kara about Guardian. Also, was Mon-El having a vision from his home planet? Are the Daxamites coming after him? When Kara returns from helping to save Barry Allen's universe, she's going to have several plates full.

Image: Bettina Strauss/The CW