When Does ColourPop's Cyber Monday Sale End? Don't Let The Name Fool You

Forget everything you know about Cyber Monday, because this company is completely changing the sale. On top of their other weekend long savings, ColourPop Cosmetics extended their Cyber Monday sale. No exceptions. No exclusions. Just a whole lot of money to be saved. When does their Cyber Monday sale officially end, you ask? Prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

If you know anything about ColourPop, the company extending the sale comes as no surprise. The brand is constantly surprising their fans with another way to keep them happy and save them some serious cash. For example, on Black Friday they had 20 percent of lippies. Then the next day they launched four brand new sets and their Stocking Stuffer sale. Now Cyber Monday is about to continue throughout Tuesday. Basically, there is no rule that the company can't break.

According to their Instagram post, ColourPop's Cyber Monday sale will end Nov. 30 at 3am EST. So if you didn't get a chance to stock up on all their products at 20 percent off, now's the time. This is the perfect time to snag all the items you've been eyeing up. Not to mention the prices are even more affordable, which is pretty darn incredible.

While other Cyber Monday sales might have had exclusions, this one doesn't. Not only are they extending the hours, but every single item is up for grabs at the 20 percent off price. That includes their eyeshadow collab with NKLA, all of their holiday sets, and even their brand new peach collection as well.

That's not it either. They even brought back some of their bestselling kits that had currently been sold out. The Hot To Trot mini lippie collection is back while supplies last, according to their Instagram. It features five different lip colors and their matching liners.

What are you waiting for? Go stock up on all these products at an amazing price while you still can!

Images: ColourPopCosmetics/Instagram (1)