Swatches Of Too Faced's Unicorn Tears Lipstick Will Have You Mesmerized — PHOTOS

Too Faced Cosmetics is great at making you feel as unique as a unicorn with your makeup application. I mean, it’s not commonplace within the cosmetics industry to find products filled with cocoa powder, peach scents, and more, but this company is making it possible. So if you’re dying to feel like the rare breed that you are, you need to see swatches of Too Faced’s Unicorn Tears Lipstick. Because seriously, there’s no better way to let your individuality show than by slicking on a lippie this special.

The craziest thing of all is that it looks blue in the tube, but has a very pretty iridescent pink color payoff. What? Yeah, mind blown! It’s no surprise that a product of this kind is tricky to get your hands on, because if it were easy to spot a unicorn, it wouldn’t be worth it, you know? Thankfully, you can track it down online. Find it for $22 at Ulta Beauty as well as on the Too Faced official website and HSN. But, you’re going to have to act quickly to snag it before it’s gone!

Once you see this lippie swatched, you’ll definitely understand why there’s such a fascination with the color. A pucker this incredible is hard to come by, because this product definitely lives up to its namesake.

La Creme Lipstick In Unicorn Tears, $22, Too Faced Cosmetics

How gorge is this?

Twirl on them haters with a colorful pucker!

Light pink with a light blue sheen? YAS!

It'd be hard not to fall in love with something this amazing.

La Creme Lipstick In Unicorn Tears, $22, Too Faced Cosmetics

I've never seen anything more magical.

If you're looking for a one and only kind of look, you need this lipstick in your life.

La Creme Lipstick In Unicorn Tears, $22, Too Faced Cosmetics

It looks incredible on a variety of skin tones because we are all unicorns, after all.

La Creme Lipstick In Unicorn Tears, $22, Too Faced Cosmetics

Add this to your cart as soon as possible because if this makeup item is anywhere near as elusive as a one-horned horse, you won't be able to find it for long!

Images: Courtesy Too Faced Cosmetics (4)