This Kitty Adoption Proposal Is Cuter Than Every Proposal That Has Ever Happened In History

I’m someone who has always been mildly horrified by the idea of elaborate, public marriage proposals — no sports stadium proposals for me, thanks. But popping the question at an animal rescue with adorable creatures in tow? Um, yes, plz. Last week, a man used a rescue kitten to propose to his girlfriend, who is obviously now his fiancée because what kind of monster could say “No” to a fuzzy gray kitty wearing a tag that says “Will You Marry Me??”?

According to the SPCA of Erie County, NY, Jerad Forsyth met Kat Woodley on a blind date on Thanksgiving 2014. On November 23, almost exactly two years later, Woodley went to the SPCA to adopt a small gray kitten. A video of the incident shows a member of the SPCA staff giving the kitten to Woodley and asking her to check the cat’s tag to make sure the contact info is correct. Woodley looks at the tag, and sees that it says, ““Will You Marry Me??”, just as Forsyth walks in and gets down on one knee. He proposes, she accepts, everyone claps, and that adorable kitty is snuggled up to her the whole time. Happiness for all!

(Also, the kitten’s name is “Gandalf.” Be still my nerdy heart.)

This, friends, is the delighted face of a woman who has received both a kitten and a marriage proposal in the space of 45 seconds:

And I know proposals and love and lifelong commitment are awesome and all, but let’s pause a moment and admire this kitty:


I don’t know which is cuter — the proposal itself or this baby cat’s smushable face. Let’s just say, “Both.”

Images: The SPCA Serving Erie County/Facebook (2)