Amazing Spider-Man Loses Mary Jane

As much chemistry as Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are bringing to Marvel's current re-interpretation of the Spider-Man mythos, you don't even need to be a fan of comics to know that this is going to end in tragedy. After all, there's a reason that Mary Jane Watson is Spidey's one true love in every adaptation: bringing up Gwen Stacey is kind of depressing. The Divergent actress had been cast in the iconic role, but the Shailene Woodley's Amazing Spider-Man 2 scenes were cut to save MJ for the third film and give Peter and Gwen even more spotlight. (Because Hollywood is full of sick, sick people who have a contract with Kleenex to make the audience go through a certain amount of tissues per movie.) However, in an interview with Total Film, it appears Woodley might not be returning for Amazing Spider-Man 3 after all.

It makes sense that Woodley would be hesitant to commit herself to the 2015 film. The Amazing Spider-Man franchise is already confirmed to contain at least two more movies after the upcoming sequel and, although her scenes were cut from the second film, Woodley was intended to be introduced in the third and carried over into the fourth. Even if that's the end of the franchise (which seems highly unlikely considering how many films are making up the Avengers universe right now), starring in two franchises at once would be a lot to handle for any actress.

And considering that Lionsgate has greenlit production on Insurgent , the second book in the trilogy, running around filming for two different characters in two different locations and flying from press junket to press junket for to promote two different movies sounds exhausting. Woodley herself looked exhausted just talking about it. Watch the interview below.