Who Is Caroline Stanbury's Husband? Cem Habib Is A Financier & Devoted Family Man

Though we all tune into shows like Real Housewives Of New York and Ladies Of London to see the titular women, I always enjoy seeing who is behind the scenes, namely the husbands of these reality television stars. I mean there are some, like Terry Dubrow of Real Housewives Of Orange County, who seem to relish the spotlight, and others, like Bobby Zarin of Real Housewives Of New York, who were just along for the ride. On Ladies Of London , Caroline Stanbury's husband, Cem Habib, appears to fall into that latter category.

Cem only pops in and out of Ladies Of London — he’s not featured as much as the other husbands, and I’m sure that he and Caroline like it that way. Caroline is definitely not one to be overshadowed, and she likes to do her thing while her husband does his. Cem’s work, at least according to his LinkedIn, is in finance — he’s currently a partner at CIS Private Equity Management, and before that, he worked at companies like SB Group, Cheyne Capital, Altedge Capital, and The Millburn Corporation. I barely know what any of that means, but he must be good at his jobs as his titles are all “partner” and “CEO.” As seen on the show, he travels frequently for his work.

According to Bravo, Cem was born in Turkey and speaks six (yep, six) languages. He also spoils Caroline to bits with exotic gifts, but I have a feeling that Caroline is very adept at getting what she wants (teach me). Most importantly, though, Cem is a devoted husband and father — viewers of Ladies Of London saw this as Caroline had troubles with her own business in Season 2.

"No matter what he remains calm," Caroline told Bravo. "[It's] the exact opposite of me, [as] I overreact and send him in to clean up my mess!" The pair has been together for over a decade, and despite jobs and kids, they still find time for date night. Caroline said, “Every Friday we do a movie dinner night with all our children and have a sleepover in our room. They all have their own mattresses and they sleep on the floor next to us! They look forward to it every week and so do we."

It’s a good thing the family is so close, because Cem, Caroline, and their three children recently moved from London to Dubai, UAE, because, according to the previews for Ladies Of London Season 3, he got a plum job offer and needed to take it. Caroline, Cem, and family will indeed appear in the next season, but I’m sure a lot of her storylines will focus on the big move and trying to get everything organized. Of the move, Caroline told Bravo, “The children are young enough to settle easily, and everyone is up for an adventure, frankly, I cannot wait for some sun.”

As long as leaving London doesn't disqualify Caroline from starring on Ladies of London, I'm excited to see what's next for her family.