What's In The Fab x Broad City Collab? There Is So Much Cute Stuff — PHOTOS

Warning: You are about to be sucked into a virtual vortex of cuteness. The Fab x Broad City collab includes a whole bunch of insanely adorbs merch. All of the "stuff" in the collection is inspired by the Comedy Central series, which traces the lives of two twenty something females as they navigate NYC. The collection is exclusive to Fab, the e-commerce platform, and will be available for an entire year, as opposed to while supplies last. The collection officially launched on Nov. 14, according to the press release Bustle received. So you have until next November to stock up. What's in the Fab x Broad City collection, besides the aforementioned overdose of cute?

Oh, just everything from accessories to home decor. There's plenty of items to love and to gift friends with this holiday season, so let's get into it.

There are socks, necklaces with popular phrases from the show like "Yas Kween" and "High Class S--t," socks, iPhone cases, and fannypacks (!!!) with loud, fun graphics. If anything can make a fannypack cool, it's this collab. It's so cool, in fact, that it's sold out already!

There are enamel pins, patches, towels, mugs, plush toys, throw pillows, and more, all nodding to some of Broad City's most unforgettable quotes and characters.

If you love the show, then you can display your fandom on your person or, you know, your couch!

These pieces are the cutest of the cute.

Bingo Bronson Plush, $59, Fab.com

Love that toothy grin.

Nail Decals, Set of 2, $25, Fab. com

Nail art is an amazing way to show off your love of Abbi, Ilana, and Broad City.

Socks, Set of 3, $31, Fab.com

Wear these with heels, sandals, sneakers, whatever! You are the kween.

Yas Kween Necklace, $99, Fab.com

Gold-plated necklaces never go out of style.

Fanny Pack, $42, Fab.com

It's sold out, but sign up for alerts when it returns.

Bingo Bronson Throw Pillow, $32, Fab.com

There is much more to explore, but these were my most fave pieces for decking out my house and myself like a "Boss Bitch."

Images: Courtesy of Fab.com (6)