15 Creative Gift Ideas For 2016 That Are Perfect For Anyone From Your BFF To Your Boss

Finding the right gift for the people you care about is super stressful. While gift giving isn't about you, you can't help but feel like you want to put give them a gift that's much more special and personal. There's no better feeling than getting someone something really unique and creative that they weren't expecting. But finding that perfect gift that's a well-balanced mixed of quirky and useful and thoughtful is hard. It takes a lot of time to consider a perfectly creative gift, and let's be honest, we don't all have time to brainstorm and shop the globe for the people we love. And you don't want to give a few thoughtful gifts and a few creative, random gifts.

That's why I've put together a list of gifts that have the kind of balance you might be looking for, because I actually do have the time to think about such things in depth! These are the kinds of gifts that will garner reactions that range from "I can not believe this exists!" to "This is perfect for me!" Because, it feels so good to make someone's day and watch someone acknowledge the fact that they feel loved.

Photo Sticker Printer

This is just the kind of gift that is perfect for anyone, not just photographers. It's super useful to have the ability to print out your picture and so fun to have them turned into stickers. Printed pictures is basically a novelty now, so these will be a nostalgic surprise.

Prynt Inkless Printer, $20, Urban Outfitters

Cat Bingo

For the cat lover in your life, make light of it and gift them a game they'll actually get a kick out of. Plus, any excuse for a game night is worth it.

Cat Bingo, $30, Mod Cloth

Smart Phone VR Headset

There are so many iPhone apps that cater to virtual reality headsets, so this is the perfect gift for the techie or the futurist. They can download as many interactive games as they like once they have this headset!

Virtual Alacrity Smartphone VR Headset, $50, Mod Cloth

Vintage Frame

Instead of hunting through vintage and thrift shops for the perfectly distressed and antique looking frame, save yourself the hassle and get this faux vintage frame.

Amelia Glass Display Frame, $10, Urban Outfitters

DIY Mushroom Farm

Got a chef or farmer in your life? This make your own mushroom kit is super easy to use and actually works. You don't have to go foraging in the woods or at the farmers market, look no farther than your window sill!

Mushroom Mini Farm $25, Uncommongoods

Cosmic Lamp

This super neat lamp is mod and small but turns whatever dark room it's in into a planetarium. Perfect for adults or kids who like to amplify their at-home chill vibes.

Cosmic Impression Lamp, $50, Mod Cloth

Vintage Threads

Help save the planet by up cycling clothing and gift your friend a new wardrobe at the same time. Tagpop's "Mystery Package" includes two tees, two flannels, two denim shirts, two tie dye tees, and one windbreaker, all chosen at random and within a chosen size. It's pretty unique and it's pretty rad.

Tagpop Bomb Mystery Package, $65, Tagpop

Chic Guitar Strap

For the musician in your life who would never take the effort to get themselves something this cool, but would totally love it and feel happy to be acknowledged with such a personal gift!

Embroidered Guitar Strap, $68, Aimee Kestenberg

Bark Box

Dog owners are just as happy to receive a gift for their dog as they are for themselves, trust me, I am one. This one month subscription to Bark Box is the perfect one-time gift, but if your friend loves it so much, they can renew it on their own.

Bark Box One Month Subscription, $35, Bark Box

Icy Snow Tube

Most adults gave up their sleds years ago. So for the adventurous adult who likes to grab winter by the scruff of the neck, this is the perfect gift. It will flood them with nostalgia and give the two of you a reason to hang out the next time it snows.

Icy It Clearly Snow Tube, $20, Mod Cloth

Glitter Beard Kit

Yeah, this is really a thing. And for the right person in your life, this is the ultimate gift. Go for it, give a friend the tools to win holiday party season.

Beard Science Glitter Kit, $15, Mod Cloth

DIY Nail Polish Kit

I bet you didn't know that there were DIY nail polish kits out there. Now you do! This is perfect for the serial manicurist or nail art fanatic, now they can take matters into their own hands, literally.

Classic Make Your Own Nail Polish Kit, $35, uncommongoods


If you have friend who is obsessed with their pet, this is the perfect gift they didn't know they needed. This WiFi interactive camera links to an app on your phone that allows you to watch your pet all day while you're away. You can even talk to your pet and play with it via laser pointers.

Petcube Interactive, $149, Petco

Calligraphy Kit

Perfect for the artsy friend looking for a new craft. Personally, I've been dying to learn calligraphy and this is the perfect beginners guide.

Calligraphy Kit, $30, Mod Cloth

Amazon Echo

This is a bit of a splurge, but I can personally vouch for the excellence of this Jetson-esque device. It's a verbal butler that's connected to the web and it's so easy to use, a toddler could master it. Though, I will warn you, once you bring her into your life, you won't even want to do anything on your own ever again.

Amazon Echo, $149, Amazon

Images: Andrew Neel/Unsplash Amazon (1), Mod Cloth (6), Urban Outfitters (2), Uncommongoods (2) , tagpop (1), Bark Box (1), Aimee Kestenberg (1), Petco (1)