12 Advent Calendars For Grownass Women So You Can Treat Yo' Self This Holiday Season

For many of us growing up, a colorful advent calendar with a picture, a toy or a chocolate hidden under each window signaled the start of December and the holiday season. But while these calendars were a fun way to countdown to Christmas, as an adult, they don't always produce the same excitement — unless, that is, you get your hands on one of these advent calendars for grownass women. If you hunger for something more than a stale piece of chocolate, good news: As the years have gone by, the classic countdown calendars have gotten a major makeover, and there is one to suit every type of person.

Advent calendars have gotten much more creative with their offerings as well. Gone are the days of boring old candy! (Although, hey, if a traditional candy advent calendar does it for you, that's cool, too.) The little windows now hold a variety of food, drinks, beauty products, and more — so each time you open the flap, you get a little present that you actually want. Not unlike the history of the advent calendar itself, how these new-fangled creations work might be a little different than the ones you grew up with; some of them do still follow the 24-day calendar countdown, while others focus on the 12 days leading up to Christmas. And depending on the gifts inside, some of the calendars do come with adult price tags as well — but, hey, that's why we have jobs!

I guarantee that with one of these adult calendars you will feel that same festive childhood glee once again — with a grownup twist. Counting down to the holidays with one of these 12 picks sounds just grand:

1. Wine Advent Calendar

Twelve Nights Of Wine, $129, Vinebox

This set of 12 different glasses of red wine is a classy way to toast the holiday season (while getting a bit toasty in the process). The packaging is sleek and festive; the wines come in glass viles and include holiday-themed tasting notes and pairings. And in addition to being both fun and delicious, it's also an excellent way to learn about different wines and regions before the office holiday party. Definitely not your grandma's advent calendar!

2. Gin Advent Calendar

Gin Advent Calendar, $130, Drinks by the Dram

If you're looking for something a little stiffer to ease the stress of holiday shopping, this 24-bottle sampler of different gins from around the world promises to be just what Santa ordered. Each bottle holds about a shot of the juniper-based liquor — perfect in a martini or other cocktail. And if gin isn't your beverage of choice, Drinks by the Dram also makes advent calendars for other spirits including Tequila, Bourbon, and Rum. Yum!

3. Coffee Advent Calendar

The Pact Coffee Advent Calendar, $49, Pact Coffee

For those with a jonesing for java, this coffee calendar will literally make your morning. The calendar, handmade by Pact Coffee, comes with 25 different Direct Trade coffees to choose from, already roasted and ground for your enjoyment. The packaging also includes a flip calendar, with the coffee type and farm information for each of your daily caffeine boosts.

4. The Quirky Cute Woodland Advent Calendar

Woodland Christmas Countdown, $30, Bas Bleu

This unique and adorable countdown calendar does not contain any food or booze, but it is an excellent way to decorate your very adult apartment for the holidays. Decorate the wooden tree with a different laser cut animal ornament each day of December, creating an entire woodland scene. This is a must-have for those who are fans of critters such as owls, foxes, and rabbits, wishing to add some grownup cuteness to the season.

5. Tea Advent Calendar

24 Days of Tea, $40, David's Teas

Curious what a "snow day" or "sleigh ride" tastes like? These are just a few of the tea flavors hidden behind each little door in this festive, colorful calendar. You can't help but get into the holiday spirit holding a steaming cup of one of these surprise teas while snow gently falls outside.

6. Lush Bath Advent Calendar

12 Days Of Christmas, $100, Lush

With the holidays on the horizon and end-of-year reports due, the month of December can be a hectic time of the year. Sometimes, you just need a relaxing soak in the tub to ease those nerves and get you through the week. Lush's 12 Days of Christmas may not be your typical advent calendar, but with its many delicious-smelling bath bombs, shower gels, and calming lotions its certainly what most grown people need this time of year.

7. Nail Polish Advent Calendar

Ciaté London Mini Mani Month Nail Polish Set, $59, Sephora

Reveal a different surprising color each day with this mini mani advent calendar. The set includes 18 bright mini nail polishes, two nail toppers, two nail treatments, as well as a full-size polish and nail file. With so many different colors to choose from, there is bound to be a polish to match every holiday party outfit!

8. Snaffling Pig Pork Crackling Advent Calendar

Snaffling Pig Co., $17, Not The High Street

Snack on the crispy treats hidden in this salty calendar. Try a different flavor of pork crackling for each day leading up to Christmas and surprise your tastebuds with BBQ, Maple, and Salt and Vinegar flavors. Pardon my drool.

9. Cheese Advent Calendar

Cheese Advent Calendar, So Wrong It's Nom

This cheese advent calendar is causing quite a stir online, but unfortunately at the moment, it's not yet for sale. Be sure to put your name on the list to help make the 2017 retail version a reality. Who wouldn't want to try the tastiest calendar ever created? (Crackers not included.)

10. Makeup Advent Calendar

Girl O'Clock Rock Set, $44, Macy's

Go glam this holiday season with a advent calendar chock full of beauty products. The 12 doors hide mini versions of Benefit Cosmetics' bestselling products, including mascara, lip stain, and basically everything you need for a fun night out — making this the perfect gift to yourself.

11. Sexy Advent Calendar

Sex Toy Advent Calendar, $150, Lovehoney

Probably one of the most adult advent calendars available today, the Lovehoney sex toy advent calendar wants to make sure you are having the jolliest of holidays. Behind each window is one of 24 sexy surprises, including vibrators, ties, and much more. Some of the products may actually be too adventurous for some folks, but you know, 'tis the season!

12. Decadent Chocolate Truffle Advent Calendar

Chocolate Truffle Advent Calendar, $70, Moonstruck Chocolate Co.

This 24 piece truffle calendar is the artisenal answer to the classic chocolate advent calendar of days gone by. Enjoy the rich bonbons while relaxing after work each day, 'cause you are a grown*ss woman, and you deserve it!

Images: Brands