This Cheese Advent Calendar Is The Holiday Countdown You've Been Waiting For Your Whole Life

No matter what holiday you celebrate, you're probably familiar with the idea of an advent calendar. You know, those delightful little boxes with a "door" waiting to be opened each day during the month of December, bestowing upon you a treat each time? Well, if you're not into the common advent calendar fillers of chocolate or toys, good news: A cheese advent calendar exists. "The idea came about last November — we were considering whether or not to get an advent calendar, as they are all quite boring — then it struck us! Cheese would make things better," Annem Hobson, the creator of the calendar, tells Bustle in an interview. She continues, "But none existed, so we made our own." And yes, it's just as amazing as you think it is.

Hobson is a 27-year-old food blogger based in London. Her website, So Wrong It's Nom , is well-loved for its wide range of recipes; the delightful mix of warm and hearty feel-good recipes and healthy, nutrition-based fare has amassed her a passionate following even outside of those drawn to her advent calendar. Even so, Hobson admits this media attention took her by surprise. "I got a pretty amazing reaction," she explains. "I didn't know what to do with myself; I've been giddy with excitement."

Given that the holidays are a time when we indulge in a lot of sweet treats, introducing a savory, creamy option like cheese actually makes a lot of sense. After all, everyone has different tastes; as such, a little variety can go a long way, especially when you're buying a gift for someone you might not know well, like a coworker or more distant relative. It's also a great way to try new flavors and types of cheese without investing in an entire block or package from the store.

So how does this new cheese advent calendar actually work? Thankfully, it's pretty simple.As you can see in this video from Hobson's Instagram page, the cheese advent calendar follows the same basic format as a traditional one: Each box is labeled with a date, and you simply pull back one box at a time on the correct date to reveal a different piece of cheese. Of course, you can actually eat them in any order that you'd like, or in any amount that you'd like — but the idea is that you have one treat for yourself per day as you countdown to the holidays.

As of right now, the cheese advent calendar is not officially on the market; while Hobson does have a prototype available right now, it's not ready for sale just yet. She's hoping, though, that she'll be able to get it off the ground in time for the 2017 holiday season. "The response from people was overwhelming and we realized that there's a demand," she says. "I've been speaking to manufacturers and I believe we can make this cheesy dream come true." In fact, you can even sign up on the Cheese Advent Calendar website to indicate your interest and increase the likelihood that these delectable gifts will be available next year. According to Hobson's Instagram page, she's already gathered 4,000 signatures and interest is only continuing to grow.

I can't say I would be surprised to see a cheese advent calendar take off; I mean, besides the fact that there are definite health benefits to eating cheese in moderation, we're all basically addicted to cheese anyway. It's just so good. So add your signature to the list and get ready to treat yourself!

Images: Pixabay, Courtesy of sowrongitsnom/Instagram (3)