Yolanda Is Cheering On Gigi & Bella At The VS Show

With both Gigi and Bella Hadid walking the runway at the 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on Nov. 30 (airing Dec. 5), it's only natural to wonder if their mom Yolanda Hadid attended the Victoria's Secret show, as well. After all, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has always been super supportive of her kids, so it would make sense if she flew to Paris to cheer them on — particularly because it's Bella's first time walking the runway at the show (this will be older sis Gigi's second time).

It's safe to say that Mama Hadid was in attendance, most likely pulling a Regina George's mom à la Kris Jenner. On Nov. 29, the day before the show, Yolanda Instagrammed a photo of her daughters with Lady Gaga, who will be performing at the fashion show. And her caption left no room for her interpretation — Yolanda Hadid was attended, and with bells on.

"I am so excited to see you girls tomorrow night........," the reality star captioned the photo, happily hashtagging away. "#Paris#VictoriaSecret #MyGirls @gigihadid@bellahadid @LadyGaga #Sisterhood."

And while Gaga isn't actually a Hadid herself, she certainly feels like family.

"She is an amazing person that has been such a great friend to me and kind of a big sister and has given me so much great advice in my life, so I'm always excited to be anywhere with her and especially tonight, to be in her section," Gigi gushed about the singer to E! News. "I don't know if I'm allowed to say that but we will be on stage together tonight and I'm so excited."

As if her Gaga photo wasn't enough to show that she would definitely be there, Yolanda was snapped on the red carpet at the actual event:


There will undoubtedly be more photos and videos from the event trickling in on Nov. 30, but to catch the whole thing, tune into CBS at 10 p.m. ET on Dec. 5.