Kris Jenner Was Regina George's Mom At The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, But This Has Been Going On For Years — PHOTOS

On Tuesday, Dec. 8, the highly anticipated 2015 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show aired on CBS. Leggy supermodels stunned in a winter wonderland of lingerie, Selena Gomez didn't "f*cking" lip sync, Kendall Jenner walked the runway in her nationally televised fashion show debut, and overjoyed audience participant Kris Jenner was the real-life version of Regina George's mom — at least, according to Twitter.

Jenner, who attended the show with both ex Caitlyn Jenner and current boyfriend Corey Gamble, was frequently caught hanging out of her seat, cell phone in hand, eager to capture every moment of her daughter's modeling. It really is an endearing sight — um, what mom wouldn't be filming such a milestone moment in her daughter's career? — but one that is insanely reminiscent of that scene in Mean Girls when Amy Poehler's Mrs. George is straight filming and dancing in the aisle while the Plastics perform "Jingle Bell Rock" at the Winter Talent Show. Classic.

Of course, Twitter users came out in droves to make this on-point comparison, sharing side-by-side photos and commentary worthy of multiple crying-while-laughing emojis. Because as we all know, pop culture is nothing without a perfectly-timed Kardashian meme and a well-placed Mean Girls reference:

While Kris Jenner at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show was undoubtedly peak Mrs. George, this is not the first time that the Internet has compared her to the Mean Girls character. In fact, this is a thing that has been happening for years:

In true Mrs. George fashion, Kris Jenner would really only have one appropriate response to this:

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