The 'This Is Us' Men Do The Sweetest Trust Exercises, Inspired By The Show Itself — VIDEOS

If you managed not to sob during the flashback sequence in episode 9 of This Is Us , where Jack proved he would always be Randall's support system by doing push-ups with his son on his back, then you are a stronger person than I am. The emotionally charged scene was so powerful, even the cast was inspired by its message of community and love. They were so inspired, in fact, that the men of This Is Us recreated the scene with each other.

Milo Ventimiglia, Sterling K. Brown, and Justin Hartley recreated the push-up scene together, proving they are just as much of a family offscreen as they are on. Even if the original moment didn't make you cry, the recreations are bound to leave you sobbing over just how perfect the cast is. The men took to their respective Twitter pages to share videos of themselves doing push-ups with one of their castmates on their backs. First, there was Ventimiglia with Brown, then Brown with Ventimiglia, and finally Brown with his onscreen brother Hartley, and vice versa. Trust exercises have never been this sweet.

The cast of This Is Us feels like a real family, especially when they are literally lifting each other up. Watching each video, you can feel the love and brothership that exists among these amazing actors. In case you missed the episode, watch the original scene below and then bask in the cast's recreations. You may seriously need tissues to get through this, guys.

Ventimiglia's performance in this scene alone should earn the man an Emmy. The intensity on his face is insane, and knowing what a powerful statement Jack was making to Randall only makes it all the more beautiful. Of course, then Ventimiglia and Brown went and recreated the moment as an adult Jack and Randall, which just made things more emotional.

Not to be too superficial, but just take a moment to appreciate Ventimiglia's arms during this exercise. Excuse me, I may need to go find a fan.

"He's got his dad on his shoulders..." Ventimiglia's new goal in life appears to be making his fans cry as often as possible. Brown is totally his accomplice though, thanks to his refusal to quit at one or two push-ups. What a champ.

Brown and Ventimiglia couldn't leave their onscreen brother/other son out of the push up fun. Hartley had to get in on the action too, and his encouragement to Brown is the most adorable thing you will hear all day.

Then Hartley returned the favor to his TV brother by carrying Brown for an impressive 12 push-ups. These guys are all heart, and if you that is not enough This Is Us adorableness for one day, I am just going to leave this photo of Ventimiglia crying while watching the episode to complete the moment.

No one has more heart than the This Is Us guys.

Image: Ron Batzdorff/NBC