How To Call Your Electors & Urge Them To Vote Differently If You Choose

With the Electoral College convening on Dec. 19, many Hillary Clinton supporters are holding out for a last-minute Hail Mary by working to rally electors to vote against their state and take the presidency away from Donald Trump. Although there's never been an Electoral College "coup" of this nature, many from the #NeverTrump camp are relying on the unprecedented nature of this election year, as well as the fact that Clinton won the popular vote by more than two million votes. Below is a guide on how you can call your electors and urge them to vote for Hillary Clinton if you believe your electors should cast their votes for her instead of Trump.

Despite the fact that "faithless electors" have never changed the results of an election in American history, there exists a tiny sliver of light at the end of the tunnel for those hoping for an eleventh hour Clinton victory: there are already a few "conscientious electors" who plan on voting with their consciences and against the wills of the state parties that hired them. These electors are campaigning among their fellow electors to flip just enough votes from Trump to Clinton to secure the presidency for her.

Politico has provided an almost-complete list of electors organized by state, which is your first step in figuring out which electors will represent your state at the convening of the Electoral College on Dec. 19. From there, you can Google each name individually to find their office lines or other methods of contact. If you're not able to find them, you can always contact your state's Republican party (who nominates and elects the electors) and ask for their information, but whether or not they will give it to you is uncertain. At the very least, calling your state's GOP offices will let your voice be heard, but again, there's no guarantee about what kind of reception you'll get, especially in wake of reports of harassment from anti-Trump activists towards electors.

If for some reason you come across an elector's personal phone number or contact info, please don't use it to contact them. While it might be tempting to "get them where they live," it's also a major breach of privacy and, if nothing else, will only piss them off and likely achieve the opposite of the intended effect. If you are able to get a hold of your elector, please be kind and courteous — they've likely gotten calls from other people, and this is not the time to make your anger heard. Thank them for their time, and keep your message brief. Given how un-civil this year has been, keeping things polite and short will be a blessing for you both.