What Can You Buy At The Kylie Shop Besides Clothes? There Are Tons Of Cute Accessories — PHOTOS

If you are a Kylie Jenner fan —and aren't we all in some way, shape, or form, with varying degrees of obsession?— then you've undoubtedly circled Saturday, Dec. 10 on your calendar in a heart and have programmed alarms in your iPhone. The Kylie Shop opens for business on that day and it's pretty much a Kylie merch-o-rama, with tons of athleisure apparel featuring Jenner's likeness and her lips. There are oversized graphic tees with Kylie as a blonde, hoodies, sweatshirts, a black satin bomber with the Kylie Cosmetics lips, and a pair of Kylie-branded Arthur George socks, as well as lace-trim thongs with the Kylie Cosmetics logo, trucker hats with the same logo, and iPhone cases. It's very self-referntial and there are plenty of pieces for most of your body parts. But what else is in The Kylie Jenner Shop besides clothes and basic accessories?

Oh, there are other cute, Kylie-centric items that are giftable for the Kylie-philes in your life. There are enamel pins, patches, and buttons, as well. Those boast her name, the now-iconic and instantly recognizable Kylie Cosmetics lips, and more.

Basically, fans can display their Kylie adoration in a variety of creative, fun, and fashionable ways.

You can fasten the buttons to your backpack or affix the patches to the back pocket of jeans. Those are my styling suggestions. Patches were huge in the '80s but Jenner and her merch shop certainly wield enough influence to bring 'em back. The patches are probably my favorite pieces in the entire collection.

This is a screen grab of one of the the Dripping Lips patches.

Black and gold are a perfect combo for a patch.

Get some buttons for your backpack.

The '90s remain "in" with this awesome trucker hat.

Don't forget — there are undies!

That satin bomber is bomb AF.

Yeah, I could see spending a lotta loot cakes when the digital shop opens on Dec. 10. See you there.

Images: Kylie Jenner/Instagram (1); The Kylie Shop/Instagram (3)