13 Star Wars Ugly Christmas Sweaters That Will Remind Santa The Force Is With You

There's one major downside to telecommuting: I don't get to advertise my unfailing geekery to my coworkers at an ugly Christmas sweater party. But the major upside to my job is that I can share my favorite Star Wars ugly Christmas sweaters with the entire internet.

I'll be totally honest: I spent most of my life convinced I didn't like Star Wars. I watched all the movies as a kid, but never connected with the Jedi the way I did with, say, Jurassic Park's velociraptors. I was a weird child. Nevertheless, I let my spouse talk me into watching The Force Awakens, and, well, ten minutes in I was Googling "when is the next Star Wars movie coming out???"

Luckily for me and my newfound fannish interest, Rogue One releases on Dec. 16, and the follow-up to The Force Awakens will release December 2017. It's probably — OK, definitely — a stretch to say Disney is participating in some kind of ugly Christmas sweater conspiracy by releasing new films just in time for the holidays, but it does provide a very convenient excuse to stock up on the ugliest, yet most beautiful, Star Wars Christmas sweaters in the galaxy.

1. Wear This AT-AT Any Party

Star Wars AT-AT Reindeer Christmas Sweater, $59.99, Ugly Christmas Sweater

A parade of majestic AT-ATs on their natural habitat: Your holiday-lovin' body.

2. Sweet, Sweet Stormtroopers

Stormtroopers with Candy Canes Unisex Christmas Sweater, $49.99, Amazon

Stormtroopers need all the love they can get. Especially if you imagine one of your new candy cane-wielding buddies is FN-2187, future savior of the universe.

3. Luke, I Am...Gonna Need You To Cheer TF Up

Star Wars Darth Vader Ugly Christmas Sweater, $25.52, etsy.com/FannyBees

When Vader says party, you party.

4. Move, Ball

Star Wars BB8 Droid Ugly Christmas Cardigan Sweater, $59.95, Ugly Christmas Sweater

There are so many great things about this sweater. First, it's BB-8, pilot Poe Dameron's adorable droid. Second, you have the option to add lights to it. And third, it's a cardigan — the ultimate in ugly sweater.

5. You Are The Droid You're Looking For

Star Wars Men's R2-D2 Sweater, $29.99, Amazon

Love R2-D2? All your holiday wishes are now true, because you can become R2-D2.

6. The Perfect Sweater For Going Solo

Star Wars The Force Awakens Kylo Ren Ugly Christmas Sweater, $59.95, Ugly Christmas Sweater

Gonna pretend I didn't choke back some manly tears writing that joke. RIP, Han. We're punishing your dark-side kid by putting him on a precious, poinsettia-dotted sweater.

7. You Are Strong With The Celebration

Star Wars Xmas Force Ugly Christmas Sweater, $24.99 - $37.95, Amazon

May the Force guide you through political conversations with your relatives. Amen.

8. Beautifully Ugly, This One Is

Yoda Santa Star Wars Christmas Sweater for Women, $59.95 - $69.95, Amazon

For those moments when you need a master's guidance. Just make sure the eggnog wears off before trying any handstands.

9. Light, Dark, Merry

Star Wars Ugly Christmas Sweater Come To The Merry Side, $31.20, Amazon

Tempting Sith lords over with candy canes, perfectly wrapped presents, and, of course, good old-fashioned family bonding. Because that always goes well.

10. Scruffy-Looking Stocking Stuffer

Light Up Star Wars Ugly Christmas Sweater, $49.99, etsy.com/YourSassyGrandma

OK, come on this journey with me. This is an ugly sweater holy grail: An upcycled ugly sweater made uglier, then outfitted with lights and actual working stockings that you can put stuff in. OMG.

11. An Empire Of Ugly

Star Wars Men's Holiday Sweater, $29.99, Amazon

Ever wondered what an Empire Christmas party would look like? Here's my gift to you.

12. I'm Going To Feed You To My Bantha

Star Wars Ugly Sweater, $25, etsy.com/waycooltshirts

Almost nothing beats a good Home Alone reference...except the subtle TIE fighter "ho-ho-hos" lining this sweater.

13. Putting The Sith Back In...

Star Wars Official Merry Sithmas Sweater, $49.99, Amazon

For the Kylo Ren in your life.

14. Here Comes Santa Vader

Star Wars Darth Vader and Stormtrooper Elves Ugly Christmas Sweater, $49.95, Amazon

I never thought I'd be typing the sentence, "Look at that Darth Vader Santa swagger," but, well, here we are.

15. Heading Back To The Homestead

Star Wars Ugly Sweater, $30, etsy.com/JIttybo

This ugly sweater does something truly beautiful: Reminds us that no matter how many adventures are waiting out there in the galaxy, the holidays are about being at home with those closest to us.

Whether you're a casual Star Wars fan or the biggest loyalist in the universe, there are adorable ugly Christmas sweaters out there to suit your needs.Images: Courtesy Brands