Is Molly Still Mariah Carey's Assistant? The 'Mariah's World' Star May Have Moved On

I know I’m supposed to be in love with Mariah Carey on Mariah’s World, and don’t get me wrong — I am. But I’m most intrigued by Molly, Mariah Carey's assistant that Stella, Mariah’s manager, hires in the first episode of the eight-part series. What would make someone want to be a personal assistant to a mega-celebrity? I know that the perks could be great — free stuff, access to people you wouldn’t normally have access to — but the insane work schedule wouldn’t be worth it to be. Does Molly still work for Mariah Carey after Mariah’s World ?

Viewers are first introduced to Molly when Stella interviews her in the first episode. Stella only has a few rules if Molly wants to be Mariah’s assistant — she can’t cry while she’s at work, and she can’t have a boyfriend for at least the first year of her tenure with Mariah, lest her romantic life take precedence over her job. I’m actually kind of OK with this — if you want a job like this, you say yes and you let it take over your life. That’s a decision a person has to make, in my opinion. But Molly says yes to this, gets the job, and breaks both rules in the first five minutes. She has a full-time, live-in boyfriend who is like, “Wait, what?” when Molly tells him about the rules, and when she doesn’t know how to install Mariah’s Apple TV in her hotel room, she cries. She manages to get Mariah’s suitcase up the stairs, though, so it’s not totally a loss.


Personally, I’m not sure that Molly is cut out for the job. She’s crying because she doesn’t know how to set up an Apple TV when really all it takes to set up anything in this world is Googling, “How do you set up x on x?” Use your resources, girlfriend! And, speaking of using your resources, I did a lot of Googling as to who Molly is, where she comes from, where she is now, and if she still works for Mariah, and I came up with nothing. Molly, where are you?

Mariah has very close relationships with her staff, including Stella and her hair and makeup team. Because of that, Mariah posts a lot of pictures of her with these people on her Instagram. Guess who is missing from Mariah’s social? Molly! I see Stella, I see her dancers, I see her kids, but I don’t see Molly anywhere on the ‘Gram!

I’m going to guess that Molly is probably no longer on Mariah’s payroll. But, maybe that's for the best. You can’t get flustered easily when you work for a big star like Mariah Carey, nor should you lie in a job interview to get a new role. Molly, wherever you are, I hope you’re happy — whether it’s with Mariah Carey or not.

Images: Roger Do Minh/E! Entertainment; Giphy