Kylie Jenner Is Giving Away A Car,

Kylie Jenner makes no bones about how much she loves her fans. From taking their suggestions when creating lip kit hues to giving them free shipping during the holiday season, she makes sure to show them love. Now, Kylie Jenner's largest giveaway ever is here, and while you may be assuming it's Kylie Cosmetics' related, you'd only be half right. Jenner's most recent giveaway is related to her eponymous brand of cosmetics, but it's not a set of lip kits or all three Kyshadow palette. No, this giveaway is seriously next level.

Kylie Jenner is giving away a Fiat. Yes, the car. She's now the Oprah of cosmetics. You get a lip kit, you get a lip kit — you get a car! Jenner is teaming up with Fiat to celebrate her latest venture, the Kylie Shop, a pop-up event in the Westfield Topanga Mall. According to her website, Jenner personally customized the Fiat 500C for the lucky winner. In fact, the car will be at the Kylie pop-up shop for fans to see.

How do you enter for the chance to win the Kylie Fiat 500C? For such a huge giveaway, it's pretty simple. All fans needs to do is subscribe to Jenner's website, head to the page, and then, enter online. Once the Kylie pop-up shop opens on Dec. 9, fans can then enter on location for as long as the store is open. Fans should read Jenner's rules and regulations for stipulations, but this contest is super simple.

While Jenner has previously hosted huge giveaways of her Kylie Cosmetics brand on her website, this is, without a doubt, her biggest ever. In fact, the mogul says so herself.

The announcement of the giveaway comes just one day after Jenner's announcement that she's hosting the Kylie Cosmetics 12 Days of Christmas event as her final holiday surprise. While there's been no word on if this is the second of those surprises, it would make sense.

First up, though, is Jenner's Kylie Lipstick Vault, a collection of 12 of her most popular lip kit shades. It's set to launch on Thursday, Dec. 1. Announcing a giveaway on the same day may end up being a sign that this is Jenner's second surprise in the 12 Days of Christmas.

Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

No matter the reason, though, Jenner is seriously showing love to her fans by giving away a car. Leave it to Jenner to up the stakes on celebrities giveaways. Jenner doing the most is why fans love her after all.