Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellan's NYC Love Endures

It is a friendship well-documented and as legendary as it is damn cute — and it just keeps on keeping on. Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan just keep being adorable together, and we would have it no other way. They breezed onto our list of "Things We Geeked Out Over in 2013" a few months back, and their activity in what's existed of 2014 so far has in no way slowed their momentum as they burrow into our hearts.

The pair have been co-starring in the New York run of Waiting For Godot on Broadway, but with the show coming to an end soon Stewart's been reminiscing via Twitter about their months together in New York City. Holding hands at Stonewall (above), admiring British royalty at Madame Tussauds, palling around on Citibike, holding hands again while walking around Coney Island, hanging out near bronze cow-butts, they did it all. And it was beautiful.

Let us not forget what McKellan said about how he got through their performances in Godot :

If I'm feeling lost, if I'm feeling separated from the moment in some way, I've only got to look at his eyes.

Those aren't tears, I've just got enduring friendship in my eye.

We would like to at this point formally petition the city of New York to use these photos in some kind of new publicity campaign. Maybe slap them on billboards, maybe put them on busses, brochures at the post office, what have you — just make it happen, NYC.

This would make me buy a minimum of eight plane tickets to NYC.

This, too.

Yes, even cow-butt.

Never leave us, boys.


Images: Patrick Stewart/Twitter