Nail Habit Is The Subscription Box You Need

It's no secret that getting your nails done can be a time to treat yourself and unwind. Whether it's at a nail salon or at home, taking the time to get your nails did is something to look forward to. But have you thought about what's inside all of those nail polishes you use? If you've ever worried or wondered, non-toxic nail polish is the answer. But what is ie exactly? Nail expert Katherine Nilan, founder of non-toxic nail polish subscription box Nail Habit, is here to let manicure addicts and polish collectors know the importance of using chemical and toxic-free polishes.

Nilan explains that her reason for starting Nail Habit comes from a desire to better care for herself. If manicures and beauty is actually a form of self-care — and I would argue that it is — being cautious of what's in your polish and on your body is just as important as taking the time to do the manicure itself. "Born out of a love for nail polish and getting older and caring more about what I put in and on my body...Nail Habit is a subscription box that delivers three full size non-toxic nail polishes each month," Nilan tells me.

Now, Nilan isn't just creating a specialized subscription box for non-toxic polish, though. She's educating nail addicts on why non-toxic polish is important and why you should really invest in it.

So what's so special about non-toxic nails? Here are three things Nail Habit's founder wants you to know about making the switch.

1. Regular Nail Polish Is Toxic, Unless Otherwise Stated

According to Nilan, nail polish is toxic unless otherwise stated by the FDA. Non-toxic nails differ in their lack of chemical ingredients. "We put this on our hands and feet! Sometimes you’ll see 3-free, 5-free, and even 7 or 8 free. The more free of chemicals, the safer your polish is especially if you are pregnant. If you're baby stepping your way into a greener beauty and nail routine, the most important ingredients to avoid are “The Big Three'” chemicals — dibutyl phthalate or DBP, toluene, and formaldehyde."

2. You Should Avoid Carcinogenic Ingredients On Your Nails Just Like You Would Your Face

Like your face products, Nilan contends that putting quality ingredients on your nails is just as important. She's got a serious point. Think of the thing your nails come into contact with such as food or your face when putting on makeup. "It’s important to use as clean of ingredients in your beauty routine as possible, and your nails are no exception," she tells me. "The same way you avoid putting carcinogenic ingredients on your skin, you should avoid on your nails."

3. Using Non-Toxic Nail Polish Is A Step Towards Your Better Overall Well-Being

Nilan explains why she chose to only use non-toxic polish saying, "If I think about how much nail polish I’ve ingested in my lifetime (nail biter as a kid), it horrifies me. I’m much more aware now that I’m thinking about the next phase of my life that includes pregnancy, kids, and overall well-being."

Non-toxic polish may seem like some sort of buzzword to many, but placing carcinogens on your body is a serious issue. With a service like Nail Habit providing you with all you need for a healthy, care-center manicure, why not make the switch?

The Nail Habit box is offered in three ($45/$15 a month), six ($90) or a single month for $25 with the option to go month-to-month. They also offer digital gift cards. To learn more about Nail Habit or to sign up for a subscription, click here.

Images: Courtesy of Nail Habit