Zayn Malik Doesn't Qualify For Best New Artist

Despite the global sensation with a cult-like following that was One Direction (aka 1D, aka Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and — for a while — Zayn Malik), the boy band was never nominated for a Grammy Award. And it looks like the 1D Grammy drought will continue because Malik, who was the first to go off in his own direction (had to, sorry), was eligible this year for his album Mind of Mine, but didn't receive any nominations Tuesday morning. You may be thinking, Well, couldn't he at least have been nominated for Best New Artist? Put simply, no. Zayn Malik wasn't be eligible for the Best New Artist Grammy. Why? Because rules, that's why.

It's simple enough. Despite the fact that Malik's solo career is new, he is by no means a new artist. One Direction formed in 2012, so Malik isn't exactly a fresh faced in the studio.

Bill Freimuth, senior vice president of awards at the Recording Academy, told The Hollywood Reporter:

"This was actually pretty clear cut given the international success of One Direction. It's been a few years since Zayn Malik came to prominence as a member of that group, making him ineligible for the best new artist category this year."

So sadly, no, Malik won't appear in the Best New Artist category come February, but I think even he would agree that he's nowhere near new to the music biz. And even sadder, he won't be receiving any awards in other categories, either. Sorry, Zayn fans. There's always next time. For now, it's time to put "Pillowtalk" on repeat.