Has One Direction Ever Won A Grammy? 2016 Could Be Their Year

Despite the success of five hit albums and their legions of fans across the world, One Direction has never won a Grammy. More precisely, they've never even been nominated for music's highest honor. The British/Irish boy band has earned a spot as one of contemporary pop music's most beloved bands, with their first four albums debuting at number one in the United States. Despite that, the Grammy nominations in recent years have hinted at somewhat of a prejudice against the kind of pop music that makes teenage girls (or, in my case, adult women) weak in the knees. In fact, Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus, while they have been nominated, have also never won a Grammy.

The timing of One Direction's albums could be part of what's worked against them in the past. The Grammy cutoff dates are a little unusual: October of one year through September of the following year. This year's Grammy eligible albums and tracks have to have been released between Oct. 1 2014 and Sept. 30, 2015. (So, for example, at last year's awards, which took place in February 2015, Miley Cyrus was nominated for her album Bangerz, which came out in November 2013.) All of 1D's five albums have come out in November, meaning that there's almost a full year standing between each of their albums and the Grammy nominations.

This year, if the band were to receive a nomination for, say, Album of the Year, Made In The A.M. would not be eligible, but Four, which came out when Zayn was still in the band, would be. I'm a self-proclaimed Directioner, and I could barely tell you half of the tracks on that album from forever ago, so imagine how Grammy voters must feel. It's not hard to believe that voters could overlook good albums that came out over a year ago and pay more attention to more recent, and flashier, albums like Taylor Swift's 1989.


The only track from Made In The A.M. that could be nominated for a Grammy in 2016 is "Drag Me Down," the band's first post-Zayn single, which came out in July. The single received generally positive reviews and broke Spotify's record for streams in one day, being played 4.75 million times on July 31. So, maybe "Drag Me Down" could be what finally clenches a nomination for the band. It could be eligible for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance or, even though it's a long shot, Record of the Year. 1D did just win Artist of the Year at the American Music Awards, so, hopefully it could just be their time to shine at the Grammy's as well.

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