This Stranger Things Merch Is Too Good

Stranger Things hit the nation this past summer, and if the lovable combo of crazy-eyed Winona Ryder and hugely skilled child actors entered your heart and refuses to leave, good news: you can now wear your fandom on your chest. Pop-culture retailer BoxLunch has partnered with Netflix to announce the first-ever line of officially licensed merchandise from Stranger Things — all the better to transition your love from Eleven Halloween costume to twinkle light T-shirt. Grab a ball of Christmas lights, you'll be both seasonal and Winona-esque.

The highlight of the collection, IMHO, is the bracelet adorned with the message "Friends Don't Lie," the most intimidating and subtweeting friendship bracelet possible. Give it to your frenemy as a Secret Santa present — they'll watch their back. Or go a more obvious direction with the Stranger Things Names T, featuring a moderately sly nod to the Upside Down, with Will's name, you guessed it, upside down.

Insert yourself in the narrative with the Hawkins AV Club T-shirt, which is cool enough-looking only ~true~ fans will know what you've done. Or commemorate the series with a piece of delicate jewelry telling you to run, an essential in any jewelry collection. The Stranger Things Run String Lights Silver Necklace's description reads, "The Demagorgon is coming for you! Run for your life!" Helpful!

Stranger Things Run String Lights Silver Necklace, $22.90,

Somehow both adorable and menacing, the perfect blend.

Stranger Things Friends Don't Lie Bracelet, $12.90,

The friendship bracelet to end all friendship bracelets.

Stranger Things Names Womens Tee, $28.90,

The Tee is sold out in three sizes already, so get yours quick.

Stranger Things Hawkins AV Club T-Shirt, $28.90,

Unrelated, this model is what I imagine Dustin looks like grown up.

Stranger Things Lights Ringer Womens Tee, $28.90,

Wear this to your family Christmas party and your relatives will be none the wiser.

Stranger Things Poster T-Shirt, $28.90,

Channel '80s movies of yore with the Stranger Things Poster T-Shirt.

Stranger Things Logo T-Shirt, $28.90,

Or go iconic with Stranger Things Logo T-Shirt. Perfect for rewatch wearing, no worries about popcorn stains showing.

Images: Courtesy of Brand